Red Bull self-flagellation = entertainment!

This guy Viper502 has been featured here before for his postgame lamenting after Red Bull defeats. Today I stumbled upon his comments at halftime and after the recent NY-LA game, and let me tell you, as a United fan, and simply as a human being, this is hugely funny stuff. I can’t quite decide what is funnier, the comments themselves, which include the immortal phrase, “what an abortion of a team we have,” or just the people themselves, who look and sound directly out of a Bon Jovi concert or an extras call for the Sopranos. (Except for the one older guy who looks like John Bolton‘s jersey cousin).

Regardless, it’s worth a watch each week to watch NY fans plunge further and further into the abyss.

[ame=”″%5DYouTube – Red Bulls vs Galaxy Half Time Comments 7/16/2009[/ame]

[ame=””%5DYouTube – Red Bulls vs Galaxy Post Game Comments 7/16/2009[/ame]


3 thoughts on “Red Bull self-flagellation = entertainment!

  1. Love the genuine Jersey accent!

    I didn’t know they allowed smoking at the Swamp…
    Or at any modern stadium…

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