Definitive Beckham video posted

[ame=””%5DYouTube – Beckham Confronts LA Riot at AC Milan vs LA Galaxy Game[/ame]

I think this is the definitive video of the Beckham incident. After viewing it, is there anyone left out there who thinks that Beckham didn’t provoke this?


19 thoughts on “Definitive Beckham video posted

  1. Definative ? Not at all.

    It is a point a view, but I do see an extended hand from Beckham. What the jump on the sign board conotates … I don’t know.

    What I do know is that the L.A. club will ban one fence jumping fan for life before they admonish their multi-million dollar investment.

    It is every fan’s right to show displeasure with their players as well as the opposition. However, there has to be an end point where you either part way or get on with the season – that time has come.

  2. Ron Artest, who was rightfully and universally criticized for going into a crowd and starting a brawl was provoked far more than Beckham, who was lucky that he had all that security and distance surrounding him

    Not a word will be uttered by MLS about his actions

  3. Looks to me from looking at this video that Beckham was trying to make peace with the fans, weather he should’ve even tried before issuing a public apology to MLS, The Galaxy and it’s fans is another story seeing as he how********ed all three.

  4. He repeatedly points at the guy and points to the ground as if to say “You! Down here, now!”.

    Not at all aggressive posturing, nosiree!

    That guy who was giving Becks a mock-five is awesome. He didn’t appear too pleased with Goldenballs either.

  5. Totally reminds me of a friend who was heckling a player for an entire game and after the match the player had had enough and went to confront my friend. Right away my friend held out his hand in an attempt to say no hard feelings its all in fun. The player didn’t accept the handshake.

    Also, does this mean the fan who was banned can contend he was just taking Beckhams offer of a handshake and get his ban lifted?

  6. Either way, it’s nice to see that the team’s desire to avoid the whole circus atmosphere is going so well.

  7. The galaxy fan should argue that the video clearly shows that Beckham invited him to come onto the field. All galaxy fan did was merely accept the clear invitation. Because he was invited this was not a trespass, therefore he should not be banned. OK, this argument probably won’t work, but he’s been banned for life so what does he have to lose!

  8. BTW, if Beckham genuinely wanted to just shake the Galaxy fans hand, then once he heard the fan was banned for life, wouldn’t he have spoken out by now, called the whole thing a misunderstanding and ask for the Galaxy to remove the ban? The fact that he hasn’t taken this action yet suggests this story was just another one of his lies.

  9. Not definitive at all. I personally think neither Beckham or the LA Riot Squad handled this well, but that video shows Beckham smiling (somewhat) and offering a handshake. Who knows if he would pulled it back if the fan tried to shake it or if he would have made nice, but all the video shows is Beckham asking the fan to come down and shake his hand. There was no obscene gesturing or obvious taunting.

    That said, I agree with those that say the fan should not be banned, if that is indeed the case, because Beckham did obviously ask him to come down. It seems this is a situation like politics where most people have their opinions formed and aren’t going to listen to any argument no matter the logic.

  10. My God…even when something is in front of your face, you can’t see it? What is it with you people, seriously?

  11. Exactly.

    Did Beckham come over to the section? Yes.
    Should he have done that? No.
    Did he point at a guy and motion him to come down? Yes.
    Was he smiling as he approached? Yes.
    Was the video taken from what appears to be very close proximity to the front row? Yes.
    Can you hear what Beckham is saying? No. (At least, I can’t.)
    When the fan does hit the field level, does Beckham make another attempt to vault the board, or does he extend a handshake three times? The latter.
    Does security “tackle” him? No. It appears as though four are near him, one touches him and hangs close, and it’s a teammate who actually restrains him and pulls him from the area.

    Oh, but I forgot…did he apparently decide, at some point, that he didn’t want to come back to MLS and he’d rather stay in Milan? Yes.

    That, apparently, makes all the other facts completely moot and renders everything else anyone does or says fair game.

    So, apparently…he has issues with MLS, right? And the people calling him on that are, largely…the people who criticize MLS on Bigsoccer every single day. Irony.

  12. The video is not definitive. What it does not show is that Beckham only put his hand out when the dude was on the ground.
    What it does not show it a good timeline of both.

    What you need to see to get the whole story is that Beckham provoked and pointed to the ground. Saw the dude jump and so he started to jump. Saw the dude get jacked and then Becks smiles. Then he realizes that he is about to be really embarrassed and starts putting the spin on it, then puts out his hand.


  14. Has he taken any action at all? Why no word from Becks in the last few days?

    It sounds like his handlers or the Galaxy are asking him to keep mum.

  15. The video supports Beckham’s version of the event that he was trying to shake the guy’s hand. He’s smiling and his actions don’t look as aggressive as some other video angles suggest.

    That said, he’s really got no business going over to a supporters’ section to call out a particular fan.

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