Wahl says that this “accountabilty” will push Beckham to greater things

Grant Wahl on Twitter:
At best, he’ll be interested up until that moment when someone says that playing in MLS endangers his England chances, then he’ll go back to being disinterested and upset at his whole situation.

If I’m Chivas USA or a playoff contender in the West, I want Capello to be faced with nothing but Beckham questions. As soon as Capello expresses any kind of displeasure with Beckham’s situation, watch Beckham’s form plummet.


5 thoughts on “Wahl says that this “accountabilty” will push Beckham to greater things

  1. Ya never know… The Galaxy finally have a pretty good team around Beckham now (by MLS standards) and they are looking capable of making a run in the Playoffs… Best case scenario would be for Beckham to help LA win the cup (i.e. he actually does something of worth) before the inevitable end-of-season buyout of his contract occurs and winds up back at AC Milan, at Man City or whatever team “saves him” from his MLS prison… However, Posh won’t be wanting to leave LA I bet… so who knows….

  2. My respect for Grant Wahl continues to fade every time he opens his mouth on this subject.

    “Beckham being held accountable by Donovan/LA fans is best thing that could happen to Galaxy on field. He’s actually motivated to play now.”

    And by proxy, held accountable by you — right, Grant?

    The man didn’t need motivation. He’s a fine soccer player. And he doesn’t have to answer or prove himself to anyone.

    I’d like to know where everyone got these crystal balls and mind-reading abilities, because suddenly all his opponents know everything he says is a lie and everything he’s doing is because Landon Donovan is a spoiled kid who didn’t have enough sense to keep his mouth closed.

  3. Well, combining the strengths of the above comments, perhaps it would be best if Capello were held accountable. Beckham has proven he performs well wherever he goes while focused.

    So, the biggest problem with him playing in MLS is not the MLS standard of play, but with Capello’s Eurosnobbery forcing Beckham to be divided between loyalty to club and loyalty to country.

    Beckham should tell Capello, “Do you you really want, against all available evidence, to use my supposed drop in quality due to playing in MLS to make my educated right foot unavailable to you?”

  4. In a zillion different places, you keep making these statements, as if repeatedly saying them makes them relevant and true.

    First, whether or not David Beckham is a fine player, a great player, or even the all-time best player in the history of any sport ever (!!!!11!) is completely irrelevant to the complaints against him. You think he’s a fine player? So do the vast majority of the folks who were booing him last night. His quality as a player is not relevant to the details of why some people are unhappy with him. I don’t know whether you’re willfully ignorant of this fact (and thus, by implication, ignorant of what the complaints about him actually are), or are simply choosing to ignore reality and knock down strawmen instead. But either way, it makes you look kinda silly.

    Oh, and as for your last sentence above: it’s demonstrably false. David Beckham signed a contract to play for a team. By definition, he has to answer to that team, and he has something to prove to that team and its fans, as all players for that team do. Just because you’re a brilliant player, you don’t get to sign a contract and then slack off and leave your team in the lurch because you “don’t have to answer or prove yourself to anyone.” Being a great player is not a blank check — it doesn’t grant you the authorization to treat your team, teammates, and fans badly.

    It’s so frustrating to have to explain this *again*, as I really can’t stand LA; but the blind fanboi-ism you put forth is divorced from the details of the situation.

  5. Thanks for this. Unambiguous Beckham-defending has so far looked like an awful good litmus test for either blatant Europoseurism, or its close kindred, people who put what they read about status above what they see at the damn games.

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