An MLS accomplishment it’s probably not very proud of

Yesterday’s LA-NY match at Giants Stadium reminds of one of MLS’ biggest and yet most underrated accomplishments. That is that this league has not only survived, but thrived despite its New York-based franchise not just not winning, but being actually malignantly awful throughout much of its history.

I know many of us (especially here in DC) poo-pooed the notion that MLS needed a good NY team in order for it to succeed, but I don’t think even the biggest NY-hater on earth can deny that having a good, winning team in New York wouldn’t have helped the league.

I can’t help thinking that MLS and its leadership deserves some credit for growing despite the NY franchise weighing things down with terrible play on the field and terrible management off of it. Also, I can’t help thinking that even more than this Beckham experience, the NY franchise is the single biggest missed opportunity in the history of the league.


12 thoughts on “An MLS accomplishment it’s probably not very proud of

  1. Just wait a year until Red Bull screws up the stadium launch.

    It’s their last chance to get it right.

  2. In what way do you think they’re going to do that? I am just curious. We here in DC know very, very, very little about new stadiums. Hehehe.. sob.

  3. Also, I’d point out that except for 1999 and 2009, the play on the field has been more consistently mediocre than awful

    The off-field management has been horrifically awful in every single aspect from Day 1 (Matt Knowles? Micky Kydes? Andrew Restrepo? Firmani? Stillitano? NickSack? Guppy? MPF? THat is the much more important point. It’s always long term about the FO. ALWAYS

  4. Aaron – That they haven’t fired JCO and Agoos to already start towards next year is beyond dumbfounding and shows to me they really have no true idea how to work MLS. And they are far far too arrogant in their Red Bull Lifestyle to ask for help..

    I have a bad feeling they still think they can plop another big name among the pile of crap currently constituing a team.

    New Yorkers have a very finely attuned bullshit meter. If the team isn’t up to snuff, that shiny new stadium lasts two months as an attraction. Maximum

  5. Ah okay. I thought it was going to be a screw-up with the stadium itself. That’s very true that the novelty value of the stadium will wear off quickly if the team is a joke. The Nationals here in DC are going through that right now.

  6. I feel that the the coach lasts until the end of the season, then RBNY undergoes a massive revamp to time with the stadium.

    The team sucks, but has some strong components. Even this pile of crap is salvagable in MLS. Just don’t think it’s worth the hassle given just how poorly they’re performing.

    I wish Kandji had gone to another team.

  7. From it’s inception, this league has been more oriented toward Los Angeles. For every favor they’ve handed the Galaxy — except perhaps the Beckham Rule — the return has been underwhelming.

  8. Beckham2… Zendine Zidane signs 5-year contract with Red Bull NY…

    Proably not likely but they probably need to shake things up with Osario and Red Bull management being shown the door… and get some type big signing, a new manager and whatever else thaey can scrap together for the new stadium launch…

    Angel is a good player but the guy is launching 40 yard shots at will w/o a prayer as he has no confidence in anyone else (and he is a bit of a shot hog).

    They need to shake this thing up at season’s end… Sounds like the European management has already put Agoos on notice…

  9. There are several things that I find troubling about the Red Bulls.

    First, the Franchise got off to a terrible start with their name:
    Pre-1996 – Empire Soccer Club
    1996-1997 – NY/NJ MetroStars
    1998-2005 – Metro Stars
    2006-Pres – NY Red Bulls

    And they’ve re-branded the team crest and colors several times as well. But the one thing they really failed to do was address the opinions of their desired fan base–create a European styled soccer team. New York of all cities really needed a team that it’s soccer loving residence and immigrants could related to. Had they stuck with Empire FC (or even Metro FC), they probably could have avoided the branding problems they’ve had ever since.

    But what I find most troubling is that the Red Bulls are so bad that I feel sorry for their fans and I almost find myself routing for the Red Bulls to win some of their games just so that they’re fans can enjoy soccer every once in a while. I really have a hard time hating the club because they’re so terrible. It’s like picking on the “slow” kid in school. I just feel mean. What I would really love to see is a day when the strength of MLS can be found on I-95 (United, the Union, the Red Bulls, and the Revolution). Just think of the rivalries then!

  10. Considering that many teams have changed names already, that is no big deal. The single worst aspect has been being stuck in Giants Stadium, a life-sucking albatross with its crap transit and artificial turf. Next year, life will change, and the novelty of the new stadium gets the franchise a mulligan for at least a year. I know I will attend at least three games, while I have gone to none in the last three seasons. Too many coaches, too many suspect players, yes, true, uniform changes, everybody has done that. They do need to use that second DP though, somehow, someway, even if its Figo for one or two novelty years until Henry finishes his current deal in Europe.

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