If there were a COMICCON for American soccer fans, what would be there?

I’ve often thought that in our worst moments, the American soccer community often resembles comic book nerds complete with heroes, villains, memes that make no sense to anyone else, bizarre costumes, fan-fiction, slash-fiction, pin-ups who aren’t nearly as attractive as their fans think they are, questions that really deserve no answer, our own DC v. Marvel debate, and of course, lots of very ill-fitting polyester costumes.

Now, I must admit, I know very, very little about the comic book community beyond the generalizations I just laid out above. Which leads me to this.

I know that you, the great men and women of American soccer, can join with me in doing a bit of open source comedy and coming up with even more ways that the American soccer community resembles COMICON. So have at it down in the comments make us laugh. I know there are even better examples out there.

Finally, don’t forget, we kid because we love.


8 thoughts on “If there were a COMICCON for American soccer fans, what would be there?

  1. Unlike COMIC-CON, we do all sorts of music — Guapo in Chicago with the trumpet, Bear with the pipes in Philadelphia, the brass band from Bethlehem, Pa. who goes to U.S. games, Batala Washington, etc., etc.

    And don’t get me started when the Koreans come out. They’re awesome percussionists!

  2. unnecessary power to build people up and break them down through blogs and the internet, insular communities that maybe dont even want to be mainstream if they could

  3. Roy Lassiter autograph signing. The crowd goes wild when he comes out in his Tampa Bay Mutiny uniform, sans shinguard, obvs.

  4. If we did, I hope we’d have a song written as awesome as this one for DragonCon (warning, NSFW): [url =”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJrfNsxlq1Y”] [/url]

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