This is why flares are dangerous

[ame=””%5DYouTube – Chicago Fire – Flares gone wrong[/ame]

Folks, this right here is precisely why flares are banned from stadiums . It’s not because “X hates soccer” or the “pigs want to narc on our fun,” it’s because they are a legitimate fire hazard, as shown here in this video from Toyota Park.

I spend so much time these days defending the clubs, police or stadium authorities after they set very reasonable rules like banning flares or smoke bombs (not as flammable, but who can deny that they have the potential to disturb a lot of fans watching the match?). These rules are made for a reason, and I wish more folks would think like adults for a moment and think about the consequences of setting off a flare.

On top of all that, you don’t even have look all that far back to find a disaster caused by a fire in a crowded soccer stadium – only to 1985.

[Hat tip to Offside Rules]


13 thoughts on “This is why flares are dangerous

  1. Not that you’re wrong in any way on the subject of flares (I think smoke bombs are far less of a hazard for technical reasons), but Bradford City’s stand that burned so badly was made of wood and had years of rubbish sitting beneath the stand.

    The problem with flares is that they burn phosphorus and/or magnesium, which make them well nigh impossible to extinguish via water (and that may make it worse) and they burn so hot that attempting to stamp the fire out will only result in melted soles.

    I wonder if these Darwin Award candidates considered that it might be a bad idea to light hot-burning, sparking devices in the presence of finely shredded paper and other flammable detritus? Nah. That’s why they’re up for the award.

    Only a group with their shockingly low collective intelligence can contrive to make the word “fire” into a two-syllable mess.

  2. I see your ‘F’ for Fire and raise you a ‘U’ for U. de Chile.

    [ame=””]YouTube – LOS DE ABAJO- SALIDA CON everton[/ame]

    No one died or got burned in case you were wondering.

  3. hmmm, I guess that means you don’t do flares when you just threw a bunch of confetti on the ground below you eh.

  4. This is the kind of stuff that makes Jim Rome’s anti soccer fan rants easy for people to digest.

    I wonder how Dida feels about flares?

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