Gooch to Milan is hopefully the first of many players going to Italy

So Oguchi Onyewu becomes the first American* to join Milan and only the second to go to Serie A. It’s a great move, and I truly hope he does well there not just for him, but for the other American players who might do well in Serie A, a league where players are allowed a touch more time and space on the ball and an environment where some US players (especially attacking ones) might thrive.

That said, if he thinks the racist abuse was unpleasant in Belgium, I wonder what he’s going to face at his first road trip to Lazio?

*Author’s note: I am not counting Rossi, because it’s my blog and I can pout if I want to.


8 thoughts on “Gooch to Milan is hopefully the first of many players going to Italy

  1. Isn’t it a bit early to be starting in with the blaming anti-Americanism for people not playing? Considering that Milan also has players from such lesser soccer powers as Uruguay, Georgia, Australia, and in the past, Liberia, I really don’t think his nationality is going to matter much if he can perform.

  2. It’s a great chance for Gooch to show what he can do on a big stage. I never felt he was really given a chance in Newcastle. Hopefully he’ll take this one and run.

  3. I applaud you and give you a small standing ovation at the local Starbucks for not mentioning Rossi.

    You’ll notice the little prick didn’t have a word to say about the U.S.’s amazing run.

  4. Between injuries and resting old legs, Gooch will get on the field. There’s far, far too much inferior level opposition for a team like Milan to not play their ‘backups’ 20-40 games a season. Also, the World Cup aside, in 2 years when Gooch is 29, Milan’s defenders are retiring, he will be lined up for a starting spot. This is a long term move for Gooch. If he’s not starting in 6 weeks it is O.K. everyone.

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