The sun came up again today, which means yet again Kartik is spouting nonsense.

It’s almost Palin’esque in its sheer stupidity:

There are lots of reasons, both good and bad, why MLS does not break for international weeks, but it has absolutely nothing to do with fans not being able to tell the difference. I personally wish MLS could take some weeks off, but I’ve also messed about with calendars to try and fit in all the league matches without dragging the season way into the bad late-winter, early-spring weather or deep into NFL/college football territory where getting the league any column inches or TV hours would be near impossible.


11 thoughts on “The sun came up again today, which means yet again Kartik is spouting nonsense.

  1. I think the words I originally came up with were “For ********’s sake!”

    By all means, the WC during the Hex is the most thrilling competition in the world. Stop the presses – Guadeloupe is making a run!

  2. How about Paden-esque? The best of their collective stupidity when it comes to putting works in an organized sentence that is supposed to be a positive argument for whatever side they support.

  3. Look, that article is simply moronic. It seems that every single sentence, besides being grammatically weak, begs to be laughed at. The lack of intelligence and logic is mind boggling.

    The only dumbass in all of this is the author, whose only explanation for the current MLS scheduling policy is that MLS isn’t as smart as he is and/or that fans are retarded.

    The imbecility of that piece is so obvious to anyone with a brain that it’s almost unnecessary to comment on it. Simply post it and let the laughter commence.

    What I’d like to comment on is this:

    Your lead, using “Palinesque” as a synonym for “stupid” is wildly inappropriate and rests on one of two possible assumptions:

    1) That to your arrogant mind, no one could fail to agree that Sarah Palin is a liar or a moron or something.

    2) You know that roughly half your readers would disagree with that assessment and you don’t give a shit.

    Now if you want to alienate half of your potential audience just so you can strut your personal political views, fine by me.

    But most of us make an effort to reach as many people with soccer exclusive posts, and make a concerted effort not to gratuitously insult half of our audience.

    Just saying.

  4. 1) I actually think she’s a liar AND a moron, so I’m with you. TAKE THAT ARROGANT BIGSOCCER BLOGGER GUY!

    2) Roughly half? Really? Granted, she has a fervent support base, but “roughly half” is awfully generous. I would’ve gone with “not insignificant minority”, but I guess I’m quibbling here.

  5. I guess I mean Palin’esque in its sort of roundabout syntax as reasoning. But really, I live in the DC area, these are our references. I trust my readership to accept that one sentence for what it is and keep reading. I read and listen to people who have differing opinions to me all the time. Yet, my brain doesn’t explode from the cognitive dissonance nor does my tongue immolate from rage.

    Finally, I have now been around American soccer long enough to know that my readership and American soccer fandom is far more likely to agree with my Palin sentiments than disagree. That’s a simply a fact. This demographic fact brings with it some good things (less racial “baggage” in a very diverse sport) and plenty of bad things too (vast penchants for navel-gazing and identity politicking as it comes to soccer “authenticity”)

    What I just said there, in far too many words, is get over it. It’s a joke.

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