Hirshey’s words bear heeding

David Hershey, one of the best, and most-experienced of soccer observers in the US had this to say after the US loss to Brazil.

He absolutely right about the US benefiting from teams taking us lightly. Plus, I think the ESPN hype machine (which is already a twitchy, often miss-aimed device) and newspaper columnists looking for an easy column to write in the dog days of the 2010 summer would have heaped an insane pressure and lunatic expectations on top of a team that seems to do well in inverse proportion to them. I think it’s a bit better that the US lurks in the bushes a bit.* It worked for the Continental Army, I think it works for the men’s national team as well.

*Clarification: I mean that in the guerrilla warfare way… not the Mark Foley way.


2 thoughts on “Hirshey’s words bear heeding

  1. Agreed, but I wonder if the USA would have gotten seeded for South Africa if they’d won. In which case, all bets are off.

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