Gardner poses an interesting question on commentating

From Gardner’s weekly grumble:

Gardner brings up an interesting point. What do we think of commentators being frank and or complementary of players working the “gray” areas of diving, hacking, time-wasting, etc. I hear Harkes doing more of this, and while it’s honest, is it a good thing to have commentators talking sort of positively about it? Specifically how does this appear to viewers when it comes to selling a foul, which is seen as so “girly” in comparison to the more “manly” gray-area-work seen in other sports (hard fouls in basketball, beanballs, goonery in hockey, etc.)?

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Gardner poses an interesting question on commentating

  1. Personally, I think it would do a disservice to the viewer if the color commentator did not discuss the unsavory activities that are very much part of the game.

    Do I like professional fouls and diving and time-wasting and the like? No. But until the day comes when those activities are truly punished and there is no longer an incentive for those activities, a commentator would be remiss in not mentioning and players no longer engage in them, commentators would be remiss if they didn’t talk about how there is a payoff in skulduggery.

  2. Wynalda did the same … “When you’re a captain, you get a little more leeway in what you say to the referees.”

  3. I have always thought that every one of those TV commentators ought to be required to take the USSF entry level referee course at the very least. Then they would learn the Laws and their supposed application. Knowing the letter of the law doesn’t help you know the proper interpretation of how it is supposed to be applied. Lots of those Brits you hear on FSC know what the Law might say, but they have no idea how it is supposed to be interpreted. Maybe they should have a retired referee in the booth to explain controversial decisions or ones that people don’t understand.

  4. Gardner is not just a curmudgeon, he is a hypocrite.

    I think all soccer commentators should get a coaching license if they are going discuss soccer strategy.

    Gardner has never been involved in soccer coaching at any level (he did reluctantly coach his son’s team for part of a season and said that they did “pretty well.”)

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