As bad as FIFA is, at least you’re not an F1 fan

Bernie Ecclestone and Max Mosley: Making Sepp Blatter look like Pete Rozelle

Bill Archer, Andrew Jennings and many others love to focus on FIFA and its corrupt functionaries like Sepp Blatter, Jack Warner, Chuck Blazer, et al. Others prefer to turn their guns on Fed Heads like Dr. Bob or Sunil Gulati. As bad as those folks may or not be for their sports – you soccer people don’t truly know what it’s like to be mortified, horrified, and nauseated by your sport’s leadership. For that, you must be a formula one fan.

This week, Bernie Ecclestone, the man who runs the commercial and all off-the-track aspects of Formula 1 racing let loose with these bits of lunacy.

Oh, it gets worse.
Brad Spurgeon, the New York Times’ F1 blogger summarized the thoughts and pains of many F1 fans this weekend.

And let’s not forget, Bernie’s partner in running F1, Max Mosley, was caught in the strangest of “Nazi” sex romps last year, made even worse by the fact that he is the son of Britain’s most famous war-time fascist, Oswald Mosley.

So for those of you prone to doing spit takes across your keyboard at whatever stupidity exits the mouth of Sepp, Jack, or whoever, just keep in mind it could be far, far worse.


6 thoughts on “As bad as FIFA is, at least you’re not an F1 fan

  1. Their business practices are pretty dubious as well… The Economist did a great article on them a few years ago.

  2. A town in Miami? And he says that we’re ignorant?

    As for his pal Max, just the Nazi’s would be bad enough. This was an erotic Nazi hooker fantasy:

    [ame=”″]YouTube – FIA President Max Mosley caught on film with a bunch of hookers[/ame]

    If I could just find a video of, say, Jack Warner naked in a BDSM dungeon I could die a happy man.

  3. I think this means that Bill has, at long last, taken his interest in our beloved confederation czar a bit too far

  4. He’s a dumbass, as a head of a commercial sport, you have to listen to what’s happening. People pay money to be entertained, so focus on entertaining people. We aren’t asking for a democracy or a dictator, just that some common sense be used to move things in the right direction.

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