City is finding the big time harder and harder to enter

First it was Kaka, now now it’s Samuel Eto’o who tells Manchester City to take its millions and shove it. Every since the 90s, it’s always taken a certain degree of soullessness or previous baggage in a free agent to go join the NY Mets, and now we’re finding its exactly the same with the Premier League’s equivalent club.

I still think City is going to have a very hard time getting the players its ownership fantasizes about without first qualifying for the Champions League. But here comes the terrible mobius strip that City find themselves trapped on – can they possibly catch the Big 4 without acquiring a few of those top-level players, who seem to refuse to go there right now?

For my part, I hope they don’t. Just as it was with Chelsea, there is a certain gracelessness that always seems to follow the uber-money purchase and subsequent spending spree that seems just as hollow in real life as it does on Championship Manager.


3 thoughts on “City is finding the big time harder and harder to enter

  1. I hope City is able to become a competitive club in the EPL. If that will be by acquiring over rated players with inflated transfer fees, I don’t know, I doubt it. It has shown little effectiveness in the past besides by selling jerseys. City should put their efforts into landing a world-class manager (Not the latest EPL cast away or just one of the big names floating around in unemployment) I’m talking about a quality manager that has a strong tactical understanding that can win with the already inplace City players. This is much easier said then done, but winning rarely comes easy (Ask LA Galaxy) I’m talking about finding the next Sir Alex or Bob Bradley…haha sorry that was too easy. In summary, a good coach can make bad players look good, but bad players can not make a coach look good. Good luck City!

  2. The other strategy is you overpay every player you can get your hands on one tier below that galactico level, and you wait for someone to stumble. It might take years to work, and it might not pay off when it does, but that looks like the price of a bourgeois buying himself into the aristocracy. Took the Astors a few generations, too.

  3. It’s easy to forget, but as recently as 2005, Everton finished ahead of Liverpool to claim a CL qualifying place (forgetting for a moment that they proceeded to crash out of the tourney and flirt with relegation).

    While it may seem impossible to break into the upper echelon, in the previous decade, Leeds and Newcastle were regular Top 5 finishers, look where they are now! It took some bold purchases in the summer of 2000 (?) to get Liverpool to where they are now, and not too long ago, Arsenal was the only serious challenger to the ManU hegemony.

    My point is, things have a way of changing, and Citeh has already filled some of the toughest positions to fill, central midfield with DeJong and Barry, and Kompany in the back, and have some seriously good attacking talent in Robinho and Ireland.

    They should challenge a shockingly rudderless Arsenal for the 4th spot, and certainly leapfrog Fulham and Everton, who probably don’t have the depth to handle both the Premier and Europa leagues.

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