How the European press headlined the US win

From Marca, the Madrid-based Spanish sports daily. It leads with the headline “the cure of humility”

Madrid’s AS also puts it on the front page witht the headline, “so rare it is to lose”

For Barcelona’s El Mundo Deportivo, the loss is far outweighed by Barca’s chase after David Villa.

From France’s L’Equipe, the win only merits a small mention while Man U’s pursuit of Benzema is the big story.

It doesn’t get any mention in Germany’s Kicker.

Any other good headlines or front pages that I missed?

PS: I am a French-speaker, so my attempts at Spanish translation are about half-babelfish, half-guessing. If I whiffed on one, please let me know in the comments.


6 thoughts on “How the European press headlined the US win

  1. Here is La Gazzetta dello Sport. They too are focusing on the big Euro club transfer battles. They also are have a prominent mention of the Formula 1 “peace” agreement (this is a big story in Italy)

    However, they have a picture of Dempsey celebrating — “Surprising USA: Spain ko’d”

    Corriere dello Sport, the other major sports paper, has a similar focus. The headline for the game says “Suprising States Eliminates Spain”

  2. There’s a reason why Kicker didn’t mention it:

    Kicker is a semiweekly publication and had already gone to press.

    When I checked yesterday afternoon, USA-Spain was the top story.

  3. My European friends are very dismissive of the US win…it’s just the way the world works, I guess. Maybe if we beat our quarterfinal opponent next year, I guess.

  4. Funny, I found the exact opposite to be true in Germany.

    I sat in a pub showing the game with a few friends. About 15-20 other folks that we didn’t know were watching the match too.

    There was sort of indifference for the first half, but by the time the US scored the second goal, the folks who were watching clapped and cheered. (One guy even bought me and my buddy a beer, since we were wearing our USA shirts)

    I think everyone likes an underdog, as long as they aren’t the one being upset.

  5. I would guess that another reason for the indifference would be the tournament itself. If the US “upsets” Spain in the WC, I suspect a different reaction..or an actual reaction from the rest of the world.

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