Some perhaps unpopular thoughts on the US-Italy match

So, I don’t think I can sum up things as Aaron did in his first post-match commentary following the United States’ 3-1 loss to Italy yesterday in the Confederations Cup.

But there are a few things that stick out in my mind, both from the match and the aftermath, that I want to get off my chest.

First, while head coach Bob Bradley infuriates me with his substitutions at times, and his unwillingness to go with certain players when it means risking the time of others – whether it’s earned or not – I’m not going to write the Fire Bradley column, yet.

Even in a perfect world, playing well, with a full team for the whole game, and Bradley making the right subs – the US still very could have lost 3-1 yesterday. Italy are flat better than we are, pretty much across the board. Of those who appeared in US colors yesterday, who would fit into the Italian 11? Donovan? Doubtful. Altidore? No. Howard? Perhaps. It’s a shame we can’t build a team that is as good as our goalkeeper.

Second point – all the folks going on and on about the Clark ejection. … Tough. First, if you are a country like the US, Uruguay, maybe a Belgium … you have to know going in that countries such as Italy and Germany (just to name two, there are others), are international soccer’s equivalent of Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and Sidney Crosby. There will be things that should go your way perhaps that don’t, and that’s life.

But that’s just it, we know that going in. If we know it, then Bradley should know it. And the players should know it. Going in with a boot up and whacking an opposing player in the leg when the ball is well gone is just flat-out insane. Why make such a challenge, which is definitely going to be a yellow, and give the referee the opportunity to think to himself – “that’s a red?” I’m almost sick of hearing people complain about the call because that tact would seem to absolve Clark of any wrongdoing. Clark is now a veteran player and such tactics are only going to hurt his own team. It was foolish and the more I look at it, justly punished.

The second thing is the backlash toward Giuseppe Rossi. Words like “traitor” and calling him a “Benedict Arnold” are an absolute joke. Everyone always talks about the “American Dream.” As far as I’m concerned, that’s what Rossi has lived. He got the opportunity of a lifetime at an early age, and he took it. We should all be so lucky. He certainly isn’t the first player to do so and he won’t be the last (*cough* Jermaine Jones *cough*). He had the opportunity to start his European career, and he did so, and now he’s reaping the rewards. Good for him. Sucks that he scored twice against the US … but you know what sucks worse? That our team couldn’t mark him or challenge him if their lives depended on it. Expecting him not to celebrate the goals scored vs. the USA is a little much for someone so young.

After he won the ball at midfield just after entering the game, he marched through the US half of the field like a PlayStation figure with the game set on “Amateur.” No challenges, no opposition, BAM! … Goal. The shot was a thing of beauty.

It was a piece of daring that for the most part, this US team doesn’t possess. And you have to ask yourself … would Rossi possess it if he was playing for the US and not Italy? We still have Altidore, who at times is afraid to say, “Screw it, I’m shooting.” We have Clint Dempsey, who would rather show off dribbling skills (or lack there of) as if he’s auditioning for an AND1 Mix Tape Tour. And in recent games, even when there’s been space to work with in the middle, the team would rather make 2-3 passes, put the ball outside, then fire in a bad cross and end the attack. Rarely will players simply have a go at goal – we saw a couple late on yesterday (even one from Dempsey), but it wasn’t enough.

Rossi showed a decisiveness and a guile yesterday that our team doesn’t have. He is making the most of his choice and I can’t find a reason to blame him. He’s not the first to score a brace against the US, and he won’t be the last. If the US team weren’t deficient in multiple areas right now, Rossi would have never been an issue. But now, it’s easier to label him a traitor than consider what actually may be wrong with our own side.

I’ll be watching the match vs. Brazil, and I’m curious to see what kind of effort the US gives. I think that will be a telling statement on where Bradley is with this team and its players.


7 thoughts on “Some perhaps unpopular thoughts on the US-Italy match

  1. Clark can be a real hothead on the field and has done some really stupid things, too. I thought that part of that call was some knowledge of past behavior of his on the field.

    The game was painful to watch, and it’s making me worried when our veteran players are still making such dumb mistakes.

  2. Good points, especially the bit on going to goal. Some of our front guys need to be selfish with the shooting. Whens the last time you heard someone say, “man that guy needs to stop shooting all the time”? If you’re going to call yourself a striker then live up to the stereotype of being a goal hungry jerk! (and I mean that in the absolute best way possible ha)

  3. We only have one player that has the same kind of dribbling skills that Rossi has and he didn’t play yesterday. By the way is he eligable to play for another country now that FIFA changed the rules? I could be wrong about that, but I guess it doesn’t matter. If he isn’t good enough to play for BB, he probable can’t play for anyone.

  4. Tim Howard had a good last 10 minutes when everyone else had given up but come on….why the heck does he keep getting the clean chit? The first goal was definitely savable but Tim made a mess of it. Possibly too busy screaming at his teammates? And I expect a top class goalie to make the second save. For Christ’s sake, stop it already. There is a reason ManU sold him.

  5. Howard had the 3rd best save percentage in the Premiership this season, 2 spots ahead of Van der Saar, while playing behind a considerably less talented back line. Howard may not be the best in the world, but he is surely our best player.

  6. He is definitely no better than Brad Friedel and I bet that Casey Keller can still give him a run for his money. He is very good no doubt but we have always had amazing talent in the nets going back to 1994. Remember the other Italian-American goalie we had with immigrant parents from NJ that chose USA over Italy?

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