Will it be blood on the savanna today against Italy?

  • Not looking as bad as New Zealand did when Spain demolished them. Though today, Italy won’t have the benefit of 90 minutes of Andrew Boyens.
  • Not letting Guiseppe Rossi score would be nice in order to keep the wailing and rending of garments to a minimum. I also thought (fantasized?) about Bradley putting out a “code red” against Rossi, but unless Reg Dunlop has come out of retirement and replaced Bradley, I think that’s unlikely.
  • Scoring a goal with one of our own players would be nice. From my brief research, it looks like we’ve only done that twice... in all time. (Harkes in 92 and Donelli in 34)
  • If we’re going to lose (very likely), and we’re not going to score (quite likely) then I guess I’d say that I’d like to see us give up no more than two goals.
  • Can we please play Freddy Adu today? For the love of all that is good (and Twitter), can Freddy please play 90 today?

2 thoughts on “Will it be blood on the savanna today against Italy?

  1. freddy won’t play 90, but i hope to god we see him for at least a half hour if not the entire second half. I could see bradley starting benny fielhaber based on his solid 30 minutes the other day, so hopefully he’ll keep that form up. and finally, i really hope this doesn’t turn into a bloodbath and we can at least put one on the board

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