What’s coming up on a new season of the Fighting Talker Podcast

The Red Carpet will be out for the Fighting Talker Podcast’s Season Premier.

With the FT Podcast resuming later this month, I wanted to give you a little taste of some of the folks that I am working to bring on the show once we begin our new season.

  • The MLS Worst XI – Ed, Dave Lifton and I did a comprehensive breakdown of the MLS Worst XI. Let me tell you, passions are inflamed over this most controversial of subjects. This is “in the can” and will probably be our “season premiere.”
  • USA Today’s Beau Dure – I spoke with him on Saturday and he said he was game for an interview.
  • Ray Hudson – I still need to contact him, but he’s been by far the most requested interview, and I promise we’ll get him on.
  • Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post and DC Sports Bog – I’d love to get him on to talk about the fun he’s always seem to have covering DC, MLS and more specifically their fans.
  • Grant Wahl – If he can squeeze us in between what I suspect will be a massive press push for his Beckham book release, we’re going to try an have him on again.
  • Barry Glendenning – We’re definitely going to get him back on, possibly for an 09-10 Premiership Preview

Now I throw it to you? Who do you want to hear? Do you want Eric Wynalda? Is there any interest in a WPS interview or two? Do you want to hear a Begin/Arafat-style summit meeting between me and Bill Archer?

Beyond that, who out there in soccer is doing something great and/or funny on the web? Let us know! We’d probably love to have them on.


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