I’m done with Bradley and I am very close to being done with the USMNT in general

I know people who are fellow DC United fans who simply do not follow or support the US Men’s National team. Typically, they just find them boring, prone to stupidity, lacking character, and led by a coach who is looking more and more over-matched by the game and a federation that typically cannot shoot in any other direction but its own foot.

Today is when I pretty much have decided to follow them and walk away from US men’s matches. Sure, I might watch, but I have zero expectation or hope that they’ll do anything beyond grind out results in Concacaf and self-immolate against anyone better.

Today’s match against Italy featured nearly a complete album the team’s and Bradley’s “greatest hits” of stupidity.

  • Zero ability to attack out of free play? (check) – The US’ first corner didn’t come until stoppage time and the only attacking the US did came via hoping for penalty calls.
  • Bizarre subs that make little sense given match situation (check) – Explain to me how yet again Freddy Adu or JF Torres don’t see the field despite the fact we were down a goal and CREATING NOTHING. It’s time for the “real soccer media” in this country to get answers on this. If there is a good reason why Adu cannot get on the field, like he’s loafing, then let us know. If they won’t ask, then I will… repeatedly. Remember that the next time a Bradley teleconference rolls around.
  • Coach’s favorites seeing time and costing us time and time again? (Check) – Beasley, Dempsey, and to a lesser extent Kljestan under perform time and time again and yet all Bradley does is play them. Beasley is done, and Bradley is the last person on earth to see that.
  • Another stupid sending off (check) – Was Clark’s foul the most brutal in history? No, but it was reckless, dumb and came at a terrible time.
  • Zero improvement in defensive marking (check) – Our marking against real talent has haunted us pretty much since Dooley, Pope, et al retired. For all the talk of Gooch’s size, and all the players playing in Europe, our central defenders just aren’t any good.
  • Lack of leadership (check) – where was the American leader on the field today? Where was the guy trying to rally his teammates? There was none. It was the usual feckless, frightened crap from players too intimidated by the site of all these players they see on TV on Wednesday nights.

I want to go home and wash the stink of this group of soft, underachieving idiots and their dumbass of a coach off me. I am simply done with this outfit. If you want to see this team succeed at the World Cup, you ought to cheer for two out-and-out bludgeonings by Brazil and Egypt in order to force US Soccer’s hand in getting rid of Bradley. If Bradley’s still there by the time we’ve bombed out of this tournament, lost to Mexico in Azteca, and show up to face El Salvador in Salt Lake, I am watching the match with a big paper bag over my head.

Enough if enough – Bradley simply has to go.


36 thoughts on “I’m done with Bradley and I am very close to being done with the USMNT in general

  1. The first half we played good, but how do you not subout dempsy and feilhaber when they didn’t to anything in the second half and to bring on beasly. I have had enough of BOB he needs to get fired. We will never get anywhere with him!!!

  2. Perhaps you ought to consider the fact that our player pool is simply not talented enough to compete with the likes of Italy, Spain, etc., regardless of who is the coach and regardless of who is the captain of the team or on-the-field leader. Yes, Bob could have thrown in Torres or Adu, but it would likely have made no difference at all. Until we have better players to draw from, we’re going to continue to have results like this.

  3. YanksFC,

    to say that JFT and Adu would have not made a difference is completely wrong. JFT plays regularly for the highest scoring team on the MFL, where he orchestrates the midfield. Adu is an offensive talent. There’s no way that Klajstean or Beasley are their equal. Both are above two of the subs BB made.

  4. I’m just as pissed, though more towards Bob than the players. Skill is not the same as effort.

    Maybe I’m crazy, but I thought Jozy’s hold up play today was excellent compared to past endeavors.

  5. I absolutely disagree with your first point. What I saw before the idiotic red card (I will agree with you there) was a US team that was starting to put Italy back on its heels. Donovan was causing all sorts of havoc, and Jozy just flat out blew one chance that got gift-wrapped to him. Dempsey to me played better than he did in either of the last two games, albeit definitely not his best.

  6. How many American players are starters on top level clubs?

    Underachievers? Please. If you’re done with Bob Bradley, then that’s just one less fan with unrealistic expectations.

    Sounds like a win-win.

  7. First off, I believe this US squad is not as good as the 2006 US WC Squad. Secondly, we’re playing Italy, which is still pretty good. YanksFC had a very good point. We could have had Guus Hiddink as coach and would have probably still lost this game. Ask yourselves, how many field players for the US are regular starters for teams in elite leagues (not elite teams, elite leagues) then ask yourselves how many field players for Italy are regular starters for teams in elite leagues. After asking these two questions, who do you think would have won this game?

    The US will be lucky to get a point out of the group stage. We all know about Brazil, but Egypt is another very tough opponent.

  8. I feel exactly the same way. I remember watching freddy adu at the 2007 world cup, and being absolutely astonished. He played with a fluidity and grace that I thought no U.S. player possessed. His skill level was far superior to not only his teammates, but most of the other players in the tournament as well. Last summer he did the same at the olympics outshining rising stars such as drenthe and ryan babel from the netherlands. I was so hopeful for his future with the MNT and it made me think we had a legit chance in 2010.

    Now a year later i find myself positively baffled. Bob Bradley refuses to give adu the playing time he deserves, and the U.S. is suffering the consequence. Today they got abosultely nothing from players such as dempsey, and feilhaber. It is both frustrating and sad to watch. Anyone who saw the chemistry between altidore and adu at the u20 world cup two years ago im sure will understand where im coming from.

    With the right combination, the U.S. really could be a force to reckoned with, I just with Bob bradley would realize it.

  9. I don’t see where refusing to support the team accomplishes anything. The last thing we need is less people caring about the team and our nation’s soccer situation. It’s like those who refuse to vote because they oppose the two major candidates. Sure it might feel like your abstinence is making some sort of difference…but let’s be real, no one else notices but you.

    I thought the team did alright all things considered. I agree with several of your points, the marking was poor (did you see how easily Spector got picked on that free kick/corner?), but I thought Gooch won some good air balls and timely challenges. I think fatigue, likely caused by playing with 10 for so long, played a significant role in the third Italian goal. I didn’t really see anyone stepping up to rally the troops. Again, our offensive production from the run of play was anemic. These are all constants that plague the team and are likely as much due to the constraints of the player pool (Donovan is our best field player and certainly isn’t good enough to be more than a role player on a top team, if we’re honest with ourselves) as they are to poor coaching. I actually applauded Bradley for changing from the empty bucket to accommodate the skill sets of his son, Feilhaber, and the need for a destroyer alongside them as I thought we needed something like that to have a chance in this game against the creativity presented by Italy’s midfield.

    I think the biggest thing is: we as fans are realizing that we have no prayer in 2010. And probably not 2014. And that’s depressing as hell. At least I can speak for myself in that regard. I thought about today and didn’t think we had much we could bring off the bench to change the game. Now Lippi could probably find a way to incorporate Adu and/or Torres at that point. Bob is no master tactician. And I hate that he continues to rely on old (albeit useless) standbys, like Dempsey and Beasley. Those guys don’t do crap for us. Dempsey produces occasional creative moments that may lead to goals or dangerous attacking situations, but for the 2nd time in 3 games he’s been the cause of a turnover at the edge of our middle and defensive thirds that has resulted in a goal. That garbage he gave Feilhaber today was the reason Benny got picked by Rossi who subsequently scored the equalizer. Maybe Bob should look at adding more center mids, like Torres, to the mix and nix one or more of the wing/attacking mid players. Beasley has sucked for the past four or so years, time to find someone new…but who is there? Depth, or lack thereof, is our main problem and will remain so for the foreseeable future. We need to hope that guys like Jozy and Adu, plus our current u17s and u20s starting turning into solid Euro pros overnight or we’re going to face several more years of the same.

    But the solution isn’t to turn your back on the team or the situation. What we need is for intelligent people with opinions and a voice to continue to express dissatisfaction with the way things are done. Only when the masses make enough noise for Gulati and rest of the USSF to hear will there be any reason for them to change their practices. Otherwise it’s the status quo, positive change at a glacial pace.

  10. Hey, that Rossi kid seems pretty good.

    Aaron, you’re about 3 years late on your opinion of the US National Team.

    And, screaming for Adu to be the savior of the US program is just as stupid as Bradley putting him in. He can’t even get on the field for AS Monaco. MONACO!!! The powerhouse of Ligue 1 who finished 11th with a 11-12-15 record.

    If you’re going to ask Bradley why he’s not playing for the National Team, maybe you should also ask Guy Lacombe at Monaco, or José Antonio Camacho at Benfica. Or maybe, maybe, Freddy Adu is just NOT ALL THAT GOOD. I don’t care how great he looks against mediocre CONCACAF opponents or 20 year olds from around the world, maybe against bigger, stronger, smarter players, he looks like a whining child.

    As for Clark, I don’t think this is the first time he’s been ejected for a stupid foul. The kid shouldn’t be on the field. period.

    You complain about the US’ stale attack then some how you got the impression that they had one. And let’s say that the US does that a dangerous attack… hypothetically. Do you really expect to see something special against Italy (defensive minded) with Lippi organizing the team (organization genius), after going down a man?

    Come on! I haven’t been impressed with the US National Team’s performance since their 2-0 victory over Mexico in 2002. But you’ve got to readjust your expectations when your team goes down a man against such a strong team.

    But in the end, the US just isn’t that good. They’ve lost WAY too much intelligence on the field. We have no one near the level Claudio Reyna, John O’Brien, or Eddie Pope when it comes to field smarts.

    And if you want to ask me why you don’t see Freddy Adu on the field, I suspect that it’s because Freddy can’t read the game well enough to earn a spot on the field. Technically, he may be great, but I bet that he’s relied way too much on his skill to the detriment of his intelligence.

  11. For all you Adu doubters….

    Ricardo is a jackass. Bob Bradley is a jackass. Camacho wasn’t a jackass, but he was fired.

    I’d argue that Benefica is the most prestigious of the three teams, yet that’s where he saw the most time on the field.

  12. Let’s see. Nobody on the team has the venom in the blood to shoot. Nobody wants to take one timer attempts on goal and nobody has a first touch. . . is there a coach in the world that can change the ability level of our players? No. A national team coach can only change tactics. . not skillset.

  13. I understand the disappointment after a game like this, but this has to be the most immature blog entry I’ve seen in a while.

    Refusing to support a team (your national team) because the coach is a dumbass is really stupid. Grow up.

  14. Well Aaron,

    Gattuso and Rossi think that it wasn’t a red card violation, but you would know better, wouldn’t you?

    From Yahoo Sports: ” Even Gattuso admitted Clark’s action probably didn’t deserve an ejection. His teammate Giuseppe Rossi, who subbed on in the second half before scoring two goals for the Italians, was more certain in his opinion, though he was on the sidelines at the time.

    “Truthfully, I don’t think it was a red card,” the Italian-American said. “It was more of a yellow card. But that’s how soccer is.””

    PS: Q Exp, any fan who expected the United States to advance out of this group, was seriously deluded. England wouldn’t advance out of this group with Brazil and Italy…..now if they had been fed South Africa, Iraq, and New Zeland like Spain were….that would be a different story….

  15. I didn’t expect a point from the group going into it, but I still don’t think Bradley’s right for this team. This team has flashes of attacking play, but that’s all they are is just flashes. When was the last time we scored a non-set-piece goal that actually mattered?

    To today’s game, my big beef with Bradley was the sub policy. It very much seemed like a “go gas yourselves and when you’re about to drop dead I’ll sub you off” policy until De Rossi scored. That’s a seven-year-olds game tactic. I’m not really that frustrated with the result (though it does sting that Rossi scored twice) but I’m irked at the bigger picture. It’s not that we’re not good (we are, but we’re not as good as Landon Donovan thinks we are), but these players are not being put in the best position to succeed.

  16. I understand wanting changes and criticizing the shortcomings, but the USA is our team. To abandon them is cowardly.

  17. Italy outmatches us at every single position. What did you expect would happen? If you’re waiting for the manager to come along who can design a tactic that allows us a consistent chance against the top national sides, you’ll be waiting forever. No such manager exists, and no such tactic exists.

    If you continue to hold on to unrealistic and even naive expectations about the US men’s expected performance level you’re going to get an ulcer. To call this team “underachieving” is completely inaccurate. We gave them a good game. That’s an overachievement, not an underachievement.

  18. I thought we played well last night against one of the most talented soccer teams in the world despite being down a man for most of the game. I’m not sure what kind of performance you’d expect considering man for man Italy is better than us at every position.

    And your take is: What a reactionary whiny post.

    Edit: I just saw you tagged your post with “feckless wussies”. Is this relating to your post of the national team?

  19. And I’ll bet they go around making declarations like “DC United For Life” and other grand pronouncements. They’ve given their promise of devotion, presumably through thick and thin, to some 14-year-old business franchise.

    Yet they won’t even follow the team that actually does belong to them, the one that represents their country for the rest of the world, the one that really has been around “for life”?


  20. Honestly, i can’t see what U.S. fans are crying about. Sure, in most games it Clark probably just gets a yellow. But it was a stupid challenge, and when you make a stupid challenge in a game, you open yourself up to being subject to a bad call. There was no need for him to go into that tackle like that. I agree the ref should have given a yellow, but the player has no one to blame but himself.

    Also, anyone who thinks Chiellini should have been sent off should check the rule book. He wasn’t the last man back, and therefore it isn’t a red. Not to mention that own goal should have stood, because Camoranesi really wasn’t in the play. The score should have been 1-1 at the half.

    In the second half, the gap between the U.S. and Italy when it comes to skill and play off the ball became more and more evident. Sure they had an extra man, but the gap in skill level was the real story.

    Face it, the U.S. tries to treat soccer like they do every other sport. They fill their roster with physically strong players with minimal technical skill, and hope that their physicality and determination will win games. Sometimes it will, especially in Concacaf, but not at the higher levels. To compete on the same level as Italy, Brazil, Argentina, and the other elite soccer nations, you have to develop some players with skill first. Until then, the U.S. will have to be happy with being the best team in Concacaf, and nothing more.

  21. After watching Egypt, that’s exactly how I feel. Will we get the occasional upset over a very good team? Yes. Will we win every home match? Yes. Will we qualify for the WC? Yes. But that’s about it. We just don’t have the quality.

  22. While I understand all the thoughts that the US doesn’t stack up in the talent dept with Italy, there was a worrisome tactical problem in the 2nd half that Bradley either did not see (very bad) or didn’t bother to counter (very, very bad).

    In the 1st half Gilardino played up front basically by himself with Iaquinta and Camoranesi further back and off to the wings. Gilardino was effectively stopped by Gooch/DeMerrit while Dempsey/Bornstein and Clark/Spector were excellent at snuffing out the withdrawn wing forwards.

    In the 2nd half, Iaquinta was pushed forward as a 2nd striker which allowed Grosso to make frequent forays deep into the US half. This caused tons of confusion in the entire US D and probably would have been the case even if Clark had not been ejected. Bradley did nothing (either y repositioning players on the field or through tactical subs) to address Lippi’s switch. Lippi, smelling blood in the water and and seeing where the spaces were opening up, made 2 tactical subs – Rossi for Gattuso and Montolivo for Camoranesi that completed the overhaul and tightened the vice resulting in 3 goals.

    Bradley reacted with too little too late. Once Gattuso comes out, you have to counter with a ball winning MF (for Feilheiber) to counter Rossi/Pirlo combo in the middle where Bradley was simly overwhelmed once Clark was sent off. I would also have switched Lando to the left and subbed Dempsey with a more defensive player to counter Grosso forays on the right.

    At the end of the day, not having talented enough players is no excuse for NOT making tactical choices. Lippi adjusted his team to match their 1st half shortcomings. Bradley did nothing and when he finally did, it was half-assed at best!!

  23. Beasley for Feilhaber, Kljestan for Bornstein, and Davies for Altidore? I’m not sure Bob used even a quarter of his ass for those. The simple fact is that it doesn’t matter how good our players are at this point. With no coach, they can’t shine. When I say coach, I don’t mean the glorified camp counselor that Bob Bradley is. I mean a real coach.

  24. Most, if not all, of your points are simply inconsistent with the match played yesterday.

    1. The U.S. had two golden opportunities to score goals in the first twenty minutes of the game. Both came out of, “free play,” as you call it. Either way, this has almost nothing to do with whether you get corner kicks.

    5. There’s a reason why all of the goals came from outside the 18. Gooch and DeMerit did a great job for the first 90 minutes of the game last night. Spector played great, completely shutting down service from the Italy left flank, and the Italy right winger was the worst player in blue on the field, which is proved by the fact that he was subbed off at the hour mark, meaning Bornstein played really well also. That’s why all of the goals came from midfield, where we were short a man after Clark’s sending off. Sure, DeMerit was dogged in garbage time, but by that point the game was all over but the shouting.

    6. There’s a reason why everyone is talking about how important LanDo was last night. It’s because he played great with the armband on, and helped rally the team after being gut shot by the red card. He was honestly trying everything he could to help his team win, from creating scoring chances for others early in the game, to trying to win penalties late in the game. For a guy who often goes missing in big matches, Donovan showed up and played really well. The team was simply outclassed by the better team that happened to have an extra man for the last hour of the game. There was almost no way we were going to win that game short of Italy getting a man sent off as well.

    Quitting on the U.S. men’s national team shows you to be nothing more than a frontrunner, and thinking that Bob Bradley should be fired a year before the World Cup that we will definitely qualify for shows you to be someone who knows nothing about the game besides bloviating about it.

  25. Don’t forget the lack of finishing from Bradley and Altidore. Donovan drops them both in behind the defense within 10 minutes of each other before Clark’s card and both TOTALLY flub it. I mean in on Buffon, already committed to the ground and they both couldn’t finish from 7yards out. For goodness sake, someone get these guys an attitude, a killer instinct, a little selfishness. Those misses looked even worse compared to Rossi coming in for 5 minutes and belting one from 25 out.

  26. Well, at least you guys are on course to qualify for SA 2010 with ease, and are actually playing in the Confed. Cup. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if you guys finally beat us in Azteca this August. CONCACAF is not that good, don’t get your expectations too high by inflating your (limited) successes or you end up like El Tri.

  27. Nonsense. DeMerit doesn’t have to touch the ball and doesn’t put it past Howard except for the pressure from Camoranesi behind him. If he ‘wasn’t in the play’ the ball isn’t in the net.


  28. In my calm state reading this, I agree the original poster displayed a wee bit too much immaturity but it sure is great seeing U.S. fans being so attached and emotional about our team. Kind of reminds me of Fever Pitch and the frustrations fans had with Arsenal during the main characters youth. Lets hope our story ends the same way as the book did.

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