Adu and Torres absences troubling

How on earth can Bradley not even dress Adu and Torres. I can see Torres not starting as you can argue whether he had a good performance against CR or not. Freddy did very well off the bench and he is rewarded for it by not being dressed. It makes zero sense. I am terrified for tonight.


5 thoughts on “Adu and Torres absences troubling

  1. I didn’t understand why Adu wasn’t even suited up. Who do they replace though? I give Bradley credit for bringing back Feilhaber.

    Ok, yeah. Maestro didn’t need to be in, but he’s suppose to be our vet a la Blanco for Mexico I guess.

  2. Actually, only an utter moron would even try to argue that Torres wasn’t MoTM until he was yanked.

  3. Agreed. I said other places he was the only one playing with fire in the first half against Costa Rica.

    And Adu proved once again (vs Costa Rica) the be head and shoulders better than ANYONE on the team in holding and moving forward with the ball with confidence, skill, vision and creativity. So we sit him because of that.

  4. what concerns me is that sound passing through the center of the midfield and vision in attack at that position are not valued. possesion isn’t that valued. that’s the way bradley coaches. And cause of that he doesn’t normally pick those players. That’s why he didn’t recognize the value of Torres and took him out. I hope the insertion of Fielhaber into the center of the field woke him up to the value of having those sorts of players in the center of the field.

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