Questions of the day

Some questions that haven’t left my mind since last night.

  1. If we fail to win against Honduras, do we can Bradley immediately and use the Confederations and Gold Cups as the getting-to-know you period for a new coach?
  2. Is only getting 6-7 points out of a possible 18 enough justification to can a coach during qualifying?
  3. Would Sigi Schmd even say yes (and thoroughly screw Seattle) if the USSF comes calling?
  4. If not, does Sunil try and redeem himself amongst the fanboys by finally getting Klinsmann?
  5. If Bradley gets a win against Honduras, does he then have to get points in Mexico to keep his job, or is a win against El Salvador all it takes for him to feel safe?

8 thoughts on “Questions of the day

  1. This is ridiculous speculation about something that hasn’t even occurred yet.

    That said, no US Coach has won in Costa Rica, so this situation isn’t new to World Cup qualifying.

    I’m also pretty certain that the US hasn’t won every game played on US soil when it comes to World Cup qualifying either.

    So, while there is certainly pressure, there should be. The US has never walked through qualifying and even through the US is the best team in CONCACAF, some of the teams aren’t necessarily push overs.

    Bradley will be the coach through the 2010 WC.

  2. TCompton:

    While we haven’t won every game on US soil, the last loss was to Honduras in DC in what, 2001? That’s quite a long run of not losing, and it’s not like most games end up in draws rather than 3 points. It would be a MAJOR letdown if we drop any points to Honduras, and I think BB would need a huge win (i.e. in the Con Cup or at Mexico) to keep his job.

    Well, maybe he won’t NEED one. But he SHOULD. Unfortunately, the USSF is extremely forgiving when it comes to failures in important competition.

  3. Ditto!

    But if the USSF doesn’t think it’s “important”, then they all need to be replaced. This is the perfect opportunity to prepare for the World Cup, maybe expose a couple of younger players to powerhouses and intimidating atmospheres. I can’t see why they wouldn’t consider this tournament at least a little bit important.

  4. I still think this ridiculous. Everyone is freaking out because the team forgot to play defense. I know people don’t like to hear excuses, but let’s consider these “factors”:

    -The National Team players had a limited amount of time together as a team to get reacquainted with one another.

    -The National Team has NEVER won in Costa Rica

    -The field in Costa Rica is terrible.

    Sure, the game was bad. But who cares. They’ve NEVER won there. It doesn’t mean that the sky is falling. Even if the team gets 1 point out of this next game, the worst it will do is make qualifying a little more interesting.

    Tell me, do you really think that the other CONCACAF teams have gotten THAT much better?

  5. do you really think that the other CONCACAF teams have gotten THAT much better?

    Posted Today at 10:30 AM by TCompton
    Actually, some of them have gotten worse–thankfully for our sake…

  6. We had 7 going in, and if we lost to Honduras that would be 7 out of 15, not 18. I’m not sure if you were throwing in the @Azteca as a certain loss, but that’s after the Confed Cup anyway.

    Might still be embarrassing enough, but it would be better than 6 out of 18.

    Hmm, timing is bad. I don’t think he would ditch after less than a year.
    This probably goes back to your questions 1 and 2. If you hire a world famous coach, you’ll probably get a pass for that. If you fire him and hire say, Preki (who otherwise might be a fine hire), that might come back to haunt you later on unless the team showed obvious, marked improvement.
    Points in Mexico wouldn’t be required. If we won against Honduras and then against El Salvador, he’s safe.

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