Bradley de-pantalone’ed by Costa Ricans

Ed beat me to the punch of most of my thoughts on tonight’s debacle, but let me add a few thoughts.

  • This is the first time where I really thought Bob Bradley was outcoached entirely. Playing in that environment, on this field, you don’t get experimental, and you don’t thin out your midfield. What you do is slop it out for 90 minutes and one point. Instead, Bradley got just about everything wrong. Beasley is not an outside back against all but the worst teams in Concacaf. Wynne is a complete and utter disaster, like a bigger, less-skilled Dane Richards. Against a team that they knew could develop danger from the flanks, starting these two was absolutely criminal on Bradley’s part.
  • Clint Dempsey was completely and utterly invisible. I liked how Bradley appeared to give him the cold shoulder as Dempsey sulked off in the 2nd half. You would’ve hardly known he was on the field tonight.
  • If you thought the center of the US midfield looked scary tonight, wait until you see Saturday’s likely starting combo of Pablo Mastroeni and Rico Clark. Oy.
  • Everyone on the defense was bad and to blame for at least one goal. Where exactly did Gooch think he was going before the second goal as he careen towards the far sideline?
  • Pounding the ball at Jozy to post up at the top of the area does not an offense make. If they want a target forward in lieu of Ching, they either need to call up Cooper or, and this makes even more sense when you read the next bullet, throw themselves at Brian McBride and beg him to come back, if only briefly. If they are not going to have a tall aerial threat in the area, than they need to stop all the aimless crosses and long throw-ins that are inevatably cleared.
  • Now the US its first real “pressure” qualifier in who knows how long. One of my big fears is that this group of players currently lacks a real character guy to lead and organize these guys when things go south. Where before it was Dooley and Jones, and then it was McBride, Stewart and Olsen, who is it amongst this group do you trust to calm the ranks and get them marching the right direction?
  • Freddy Adu was by far the best and most composed attacking player we saw tonight for the US. I know lots of folks out there hate is guts, but I am not sure how much more (beyond scoring) he could’ve done to get in the starting lineup against Honduras. Try and convince me that he shouldn’t replace Dempsey on Saturday.

9 thoughts on “Bradley de-pantalone’ed by Costa Ricans

  1. i concur, adu, davies… donovan… howard… bradley. those guys tried hard, everyone else IN PARTICULAR beaseley, wynee, and klejstein…. not so much

  2. Dempsey looks like a over-rated player on the field. He has no passion, he seems to be to cocky. Beaseley needs to be replaced, so is Wynee…

    Ching was really missed, Bradley played well, and Donovan was ok. Torres was impressive..

  3. Oof. Almost half, or was it half, of the starting line up either haven’t played for their club team for awhile, or never played in such an environment. Nice tactic there Bob.

  4. Well I can’t sit here and say Torres was all that great when he did utterly nothing on the first goal other than sort of get in Pablo’s way (and let’s be honest, this was not a very good game for Mastroeni, either).

    I love Dempsey but it’s clear to me that the wide right role is not for him at this point. I am not sure what I’d do with him, really. It’s disappointing to watch.

  5. I can say Torres was great because he was the only guy on the team possessing the ball and trying to create triangles to move forward in an orderly manner. Everyone else was just booting it — in Dempsey’s case just booting it out of bounds.

    Here’s praying Ching is back up top Saturday, Beasley is either back in the midfield or on the bench and Mastroeni is forced to take a yak back to the states and can’t make it to Chicago in time for the game.

  6. I felt Torres was not only the only one to posses well in the first half but also the only one that looked he was playing with any sense of urgency.

    And Freddy, we HAVE to get him out there. He can hold it until people get into space. He can take players on one v one. He can actually complete a pass. He is a weapon that will free up other players. And I felt like there were several times when he was wide open in the middle of the field and his own teamates wouldn’t give him the ball. How long was he on before he got a touch? And I saw him in open space plenty of times.

  7. Where are all the Ching haters now? You cannot tell me that we didn’t miss him last night. Jozy is NOT a target forward, as Aaron says. If we’re going to play that crap, at least have a guy who can make it work- Chingy, Coop, even Davies would have been better than Altidore for that particular style. Disgusting effort from the United States from the players, the coaches, and even Sunil Gulati’s postgame comments pertaining to the Honduras fans outnumbering our own fans in Shitcago. Epic fail.

  8. First it was mentioned in another blog that BB played a 4-3-3. Not true. He started the game, to be precise, in a 4-1-2-1-2 and then sometimes a modified 4-1-2-1-1-1… Clearly the US plays best in a simply standard 4-4-2 when an effective Def Mid isn’t available. And Mastroeni was not very competent last night.

    As for not knowing where to play Dempsey–as someone mentioned, it would be crazy not to play him, but they should play him either at left mid, just like at Fulham, OR play him at Striker–where he can be effective as well. Dempsey will be fine–everyone has an off game and the fact is that LD, Jozy and Dempsey all dissapeared for stretches because we didn’t have possession AND we couldn’t get the ball thru our midfield to the wings or strikers. Occasionally Beasley and Wynne would get up field only to lose possession.

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