The Galacticos – They’re baaaaaaccck

BBC Radio Five Live is reporting that Kaka is set to finalize a deal to join Real Madrid. I’d love to see the current odds on C. Ronaldo and/or Ribery ending up there as well. If I were a gambling man, I might toss a few bucks on a Ronaldo/Ribery signing parlay.

Meanwhile, what do fans of Milan, Bayern and Manchester United think of new/old Real president Florentino Perez swooping in for their stars… again?


7 thoughts on “The Galacticos – They’re baaaaaaccck

  1. You’d think somebody in their organization would realize that what they need is to strenghten their defense and defensive midfield, not their attack.

  2. but it’s so much more fun stacking up your attack.

    Illogical when having defensive issues sure, but hey, they got Kaka! One of the best players in the world.

  3. Nothings official yet thats what I say. People are posting this far too soon, earlier today Kaka said he has no desire to leave Milan. Until he says he joins the press can say what they want.

  4. What Bayern, Manchester United and Milan think is none of our business, we are seeking the 10th next season, with the CL final in the Bernabeu Florentino will do whatever he sees fitting to make that dream come true.

  5. Like I said elsewhere on here, I look forward to seeing the 250 million € team crashing out in both La Liga and the CL.

  6. I find it slightly funny that they’d be willing to spend 50m+ or so on Kaka and want to buy Xabi Alonso for under half that. Especially when one hasn’t been the same player for two years and Alonso was the best holding midfielder in the toughest league in football last year.

    Real Madrid would do better to throw tons of money at CR and Alonso than worry about Kaka.

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