On DC’s robbery

A bunch of folks have asked what I thought of DC getting screwed by the officials against the Revs.

Let’s review some things:

  1. Officials in MLS are a joke
  2. United hadn’t really suffered from a stupid call in a few weeks
  3. We were due
  4. The inevitable happened

It’s unfortunate that in MLS, bad officiating has become a dog bites man story rather than the other way around.


7 thoughts on “On DC’s robbery

  1. The way officiating is going this year, it’s not like fans can say that the Ref’s are biased. They’re just all around crap.

  2. I’m not sure which is better/worse… bias or incompetence?

    Either way, last season was conveniently sobering for me, so I find myself only annoyed and not so much upset. I guess, I just have a short memory this year.

    I will say this though:

    Right now, Real Salt Lake took 4 of 6 points out of our meetings, and New England took the same. Both teams sit below us in points on the table. I don’t know what this means… I’m just saying.

  3. One can arguably state that DC has legitimately been screwed out of 5 points this season on blown calls. I hesitate to really buy into the offside Chivas goal costing us two points but for argument’s sake I’ll go with it. Other teams’ fans have legitimate gripes too about being hosed by referee calls.

    There ought to be some sort of Supporters’ Shield award for the team who ends up leading the F.W/O.A.K. table for points lost due to incompetent officiating.

  4. I am not really counting the Chivas offsides… Offsides is blown in every league, at every level, at all times. I have a much greater tolerance for blown offsides calls than I do for phantom penalties.

  5. I understand what you’re saying, but I disagree for one reason: this blown offside call was so egregious that Paul Tamberino considered it necessary to publicly criticize it in that week’s USSF Refereeing Program Week In Review.

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