My Prediction – United wins in a snoozer

Let me just establish here that I expect this match to be unwatchably dull. Chelsea established the formula for testing Barcelona and I fully expect United to also “park the bus” and look to hit Barca’s depleted defense on a setpiece or counter-attack.

If the match will pivot on any single thing, it will be the advantage United has in big-match experience. Look at how many Barca players played in the 2006 final and compare it how many of United’s players played in last year’s final. Could that experience prove critical? I think it might.

Prediction: 1-0 Man U

… and yes, it makes me physically ill to write that.


6 thoughts on “My Prediction – United wins in a snoozer

  1. i expect:
    1. to be drunk
    2. to not remember the game, but the score (somehow that works)
    3. the game will now be interesting
    4. if man u wins, to hell with football, international soccer is now crap

  2. That seems a bit much. My hatred of Man U is only rivaled by my “feelings” on the Pens and Duke. That said, Man U are a hugely talented team and I don’t think it would be a disgrace if they came out, played it tight and deservedly won over Barca.

  3. What’s really, really wild is that not only did ManU come out gunslinging, Barca came out fairly conservative. Their goal on the 10′ was totally against the run of play.

    And when they did score, they mostly sat on it, in that “you can’t score if you can’t get the ball” way. They waited for ManU to show something, and they basically never did.

  4. You don’t watch Barca play often do you?

    It doesn’t matter when in the game or what the score is, that’s the game that they play.

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