A quick Blanco retort

John makes the case for Blanco rejoining Mexico:
All that might be true, BUT… Blanco is just as likely to come on the field in a bad mood, antagonize a referee within 30 seconds and then headbutt somebody to get sent off. Blanco does have “something,” but I am not sure that “it” thing is worth the mayhem that sometimes arises when “Grumpy Blanco” takes the field (and then leaves it).


2 thoughts on “A quick Blanco retort

  1. This grumpy-ness has always existed, sometimes Mexico or Club America, or the fire have had to pay the price, but fans of El Tri have always been willing to take a chance because he’s just that good.

    The unbalance between great Blanco moments and crappy Blanco moments is pretty wide, with great moments taking the lead by a mile.

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