Message to Wenger: Thank you for staying, now shut up and sign some talent

Wenger begging club officials and police to stop fans from questioning him

Let me get the perfunctory platitudes out of the way. Thank you Arsene Wenger for not bounding off to Real Madrid where you would’ve been a dreadful fit and found yourself jobless in under two years, just like everyone else there. Great decision.

Now, for the love of God, stop whining about pointed questions being asked of you by shareholders. Since when did people at this club become so weak-kneed? From what I read, the worst of the “inquisition” included Silvestre being described (accurately) as geriatric and the midfield described as “lacking backbone.” They weren’t exactly threatening your children and kidnapping your dog were they?

I am sure Wenger has heard worse and for him and the chairman to suddenly “get the vapors” at the sound of real and justified criticsm out there was one of the most insipid and disgraceful moments I’ve ever seen from club management in the 12 years or so I’ve been following the club.

The whining might be justified if Arsenal had to do a complete squad rebuild and Gunners fans sat there yelling that it wasn’t going quickly enough. But the fans are screaming because there isn’t all that much they need to fix this. It’s true. Arsenal are close to contending for both domestic and European trophies. That’s why it’s imperative that Wenger stop navel-gazing and start going after some experienced talent for our midfield and defense. Instead, Arsenal management cowers while we’re linked with only two players in the last week (1,2,3,4,5) in the Guardian’s rumor mill (Ajax defender Thomas Vermaelen and some 17-year old Argie goalkeeper I’m not even going to glorify by naming).

This better not be like last summer, where we ended up with Nasri (fair enough), some youngsters, and the aformentioned Monsieur Forchette-dans-le-Dos.


One thought on “Message to Wenger: Thank you for staying, now shut up and sign some talent

  1. Though the picture and caption makes me wince, I have to agree with everything in the post. Well done.

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