Do what you truly know is right and cheer for Newcastle to be relegated

Coming to a lower-division stadium near you!

Big club or not, I want Newcastle to be relegated so, so badly. With Arsenal collapsing like FILL-IN-YOUR-OWN-SYNONYM-FOR-LILY-LIVERED GIRLY-MEN, my end of season has been totally focused on hoping that Newcastle, its buffoon owner, idiotic xenophobic fans, its current hopelessly outclassed manager, its troupe of former hopelesslyoutclassed incompetant managers, its brigade of annoying and hideously pompadoured former players, and its roster full of has-beens, never-weres, malcontents and criminal idiots all suffer the indignity of seeing Newcastle in the Championship next year. Nothing in soccer would make me smile more than the sight of all those moronic Magpie fans weeping as their constant pursuit of savior-du-jour comes to its natural conclusion.

So to fans of all the other respectible clubs out there (and Red Bull), please do the world of soccer a public service and cheer really hard for Newcastle to get relegated. They truly do deserve it.

And if all that wasn’t enough to convince to do the right thing… this guy is consider one of the club’s “great minds.”

Enough said.


4 thoughts on “Do what you truly know is right and cheer for Newcastle to be relegated

  1. Thrilled to bits that the toon has finally got to where they belong. THE championship.
    Last time they won a title, and I mean a real one for such a (big) club was 1927.
    They made me laugh, as I watched them cry, and they were still chanting Shearers name. They should have been roasting the owner, and the team.
    Owen and Duff, big buck players probably had their minds on the horses, and the rest of them had their agents on speed dial.The above two mentioned have probably handed in more sick certs than the Brazilian nation after winning a World Cup.
    Four (proper) league titles. 1 European trophy (Fairs Cup) 1969, and an Anglo_Italian Cup win in 1973. A BIG CLUB, come on lads.

    Being a passionate fan is one thing, being a blinkered hallucinogenic is another. Do they drink the water straight from the Tyne?
    Loving your past players is great, but wanting them to manage your team because of that, with no managerial credentials, again come on lads.
    They are where they are and hopfully they’ll stay there for a few years until it fianlly dawns on them where they REALLY in English football

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