A question

I’m going to the Nats-Pirates “tilt”* tonight at Nationals Park. Needless to say, the city shakes in collective anticipation.

But what would the equivalent match up like this be in sports or even just in other parts of life?

  • A completely meaningless match like Stoke-Bolton with teams that aren’t going to Europe and aren’t going to drop either?
  • A relegation six-pointer, with both teams going all out for survival.
  • A cripple-fight
  • Pro wrestling, where two groups of drugged-up men go through the motions of competition in which the actual result means nothing whatsoever.

What suggestions do you have? What are other examples of Nats-Pirates.

* Copyright Joe Beninati, 2009.


4 thoughts on “A question

  1. Based on current records in the NL, this would be like Sunderland-West Brom (before WBA were actually consigned to relegation). With the Pirates serving as Sunderland. Lose, and they’re in trouble. Win, and they’re fine.

    But the Nationals aren’t really as good at baseball as WBA is at soccer.

    The Nationals are more like 2007-08 Derby County.

  2. The Nats have posted a .500 season within modern memory.

    The Pirates have sucked since Sid Bream chugged into home in the ’92 NLCS.

    The only possible equivalent of crap teams that comes to mind is a Duke-Army college football matchup.

  3. Northwestern v Iowa; any sport but wrestling or women’s lacrosse. Both teams stink and no one cares.

    Sadly, the checks will keep rolling in from the league/conference head offices to keep these pointless enterprises going.

  4. Seattle SuperSonics (I know they moved, but the Ok City fans don’t suck as bad- the team does, thankfully) hosting the Memphis Grizzlies. I got nauseous just typing that one.

    Bleah. I’m going to go raid the medicine cabinet for Rolaids.

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