Is Jair Marrufo about to get in big trouble?

It’s certainly possible if this report is to be believed.

On the face of it, it sounds pretty damning. That said, we’re dealing with Blanco here. Is it possible that he just chucked his shirt into the locker room in plain sight just to attempt to get Marrufo in trouble? A simple way to find that out is to find out whether Marrufo kept the jersey. If he just tossed it right back out or gave it to Fire or Crew officials, than he’s clearly off the hook. But if Marrufo still has possession of that shirt, I think a long suspension should be in order.

Of course, hurting Marrufo’s case even more here (and damaging my dastardly-Blanco theory, as well) is the penalty call that went in favor of the fire.


10 thoughts on “Is Jair Marrufo about to get in big trouble?

  1. Marrufo may not have even noticed that Blanco threw it at him, given that he is clinically blind.

    Oh, and here’s another story about Marrufo.

  2. I’m sorry, why is accepting a jersey so shocking and horrific. Players accept jerseys from other players all the time.

    And by the way the best referee of many lifetimes, Pierluigi Collina collected jerseys like a klepto. I hope nobody would accuse him of being bribed.

    There is nothing in this, just a writer getting near a deadline putting whatever he/she could get his/her hands on onto paper.

  3. Referee accepting a jersey from a player that suffered a foul that the referee ended up calling a red card for isn’t a big deal? There may not end up being anything that comes from this but the very appearance of impropriety like this calls in the question the motivation and impartiality of the referee.

  4. It was an awful call by Marrufo, a yellow card sure, not a red card.

    With that being said, this is consistent with the numerous other unjustifiable red cards this season issued by MLS referees.

  5. He must have a Donovan game-worn authentic as well. You know, for the phantom handball on Rodney Wallace?

    Either that or Wallace pissed off his grandmother.

  6. No ref should be accepting gifts from anyone involved in the match he just served as the official for. It’s conflict of interest, even if only perceived, and even if only perceived, that’s enough to cause problems.

    If in the offseason, Blanco sends Marrufo a jersey, I don’t imagine it is the same deal.

  7. Hey, read the directives from USSF. You’ll see why they ARE justifiable. Time to stamp out the serious foul play and violent conduct.

  8. By all means, but it doesn’t change the fact that Marrufo and his crew (no pun intended) missed, or ignored more serious play than the foul in question during the match.

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