Hello? Chicago and Houston? The FMF is on the line.

With the continuing outbreak in Mexico, I would hope that US Soccer has thought about pushing FIFA to move our August qualifier to a different venue.

I was very excited about going down to Azteca for my second USA-Mexico away match, but now, unless things get very cleaned up, very quickly, it’s looking pretty unlikely that I’ll travel down there. I suspect that US Soccer is thinking the same thing.

Anyone else think the best solution here is to move the match to a pro-Mexico but Swine Flu-free venue like Chicago or Houston?


8 thoughts on “Hello? Chicago and Houston? The FMF is on the line.

  1. I think we need to see how the FMF handles the Trinidad match first.

    (I had assumed this was about league matches moving to the USA, which would actually be kinda cool)

  2. I think the same point applies to the Trinidad match. If the FMF can work something out to get it’s percentage of the gate, why not just play it in the US?

  3. Never. Gonna. Happen. They want that game. They NEED to win that game for the sake of machismo. I’d bet despite the revenue issues, they’d play it closed doors before moving it across the border. Mexico is a big country. They’d move it out of the capitol to a less affected city on their side of the border first. Plus, this is August we’re talking about. As others said, see what they do against Trinidad and remember that they have four months to stop the spread of the virus. Remember, these guys were given a choice of having the qualifier in the USA in a city that would be favorable to them if they’d move it out of the Azteca and Mexico City to someplace like Monterrey and they refused.

  4. I don’t think that FIFA should allow them to play in Mexico anyway. They will come in to an airport and no matter what there is always a posibility of them getting Swine Flew. This is a international problem and i think that it needs to be addressed so that there is no chance of the disease getting out into any other country’s. But it is also a very hard thing for this match to happen. If Mexico fans have the disease and come over the border and vice-versa. I think its a good idea to not go to the game but yes it is a very complicated problem. Probably the match being played behind closed doors anywere, ither United States or Mexico would be a good idea. It is probably a good idea not to go to it.

  5. The game will be in Mexico City, but if not, then it’ll be in Guadalajara or Monterrey. Careful what you wish for. Summers in Mexico City are like summers in San Francisco, except with a lot more rain. It would very cool in Mexico City in August, Especially at night. Monterrey, on the other hand is sweat box in the summer. Guadalajara falls somewhere in the middle.

    Mexico should refuse the US’s offer. Every time. The Azteca has one of, if not the best, home field advantage on the planet.

  6. My thoughts exactly. We already have over 100 cases in the US, and any “pro-Mexico” city is going to have people who could potentially come into contact with the virus. So that’s a no go.

    Assuming this is still an issue in August, I’m thinking a closed door match is the most likely option. Though if both teams have wrapped up qualifying by then, they could simply cancel/postpone the match.

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