Where has that been all season?

[ame=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AhgxLnb_20″%5DYouTube – Villarreal VS Arsenal // Adebayor 1-1 HD[/ame]

I’d show Senna’s goal as well, but I can’t find a decent quality video of it this morning. I caught the extended highlights of the match last night and I’ve got to tell you… I am starting to believe again in Arsenal. I must’ve watched that Adebayor goal 20 times and it still amazes me each time.

Unlike Arsenal, I think Manchester United are very, very vulnerable going away to Porto. If I were Porto, I’d task someone in the 2nd leg with the task of getting Rooney sent off. Literally, put a reverse bounty on Rooney’s head by saying the player who gets Wayne sent off gets $1,000. When Rooney is unfocused, subbed early or destroying bathroom fixtures after getting sent off, I think United are very, very beatable.

Finally, some quick predictions for today’s matches. I think Barca wins fairly comfortably over Bayern. Barca’s the best team in the world right now and Bayern just got thumped by Wolfsburg.

I would talk about the Liverpool-Chelsea match but every time I…. yawn, talk about those, yawn, team playing in the Champions League…. I yawn…. zzzzzzz, zzzzzzz, zzzzzzz.


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