The USA gets a tie, many of its fans remain morons, and life goes on

As to be expected, after the USA’s 2-2 comeback draw in San Salvador, fans have turned their ire to just about anything and everything related to the national team. Why? Because many USA fans are complete morons.

  • Did the USA stink for 75 minutes? Yes
  • Did some individual players (Pearce, Kljestan, Guzan, Beasley) play pretty badly? Yes
  • Did the USA look petrified of attacking for much of the match? Yes

Does any of this really matter if we come out and beat Trinidad on Wednesday? It does not – not one bit.

The old English cliche is that the “league is a marathon, not a sprint.” Well, the 10-game final round of CONCACAF isn’t a marathon, it’s more like the 1,500-meters. You can’t completely fall on your face and then win, but a stumble or two won’t doom your chances.

I don’t know when this started, but somewhere along the way this meme developed amongst idiot USA fans that the US must never drop points in qualifying even if it’s on the road. That’s unrealistic for any country attempting to qualify in any region. Let’s review some countries that dropped points on the road this weekend.

That’s not such a bad bunch of teams, is it? And those are just from this Saturday. Other powerful road teams will struggle away at lesser opposition. It always happens. It always will happen. This is what makes international soccer different. It’s a lot harder to go into a third-world hell-hole and get three points than it is to travel to Sunderland and wait for them to collapse at your feet.

If you’re one of those people who have spend all weekend lighting up the internet screaming for Bob Bradley’s head, ask yourself this:

At this moment, is the US in the slightest danger of not qualifying for the 2010 World Cup?

The answer is, unequivocally, no.


18 thoughts on “The USA gets a tie, many of its fans remain morons, and life goes on

  1. Great points. I agree. I’m not one to scream for the heads of coaches, especially the US coach who has so few offensive weapons at his disposal, but can we scream if we don’t see changes for the T+T match? At the very least, please put Torres or Edu on for Kljestan. And altidore needs to come on earlier or start.

  2. I’d say we can scream if we drop points against T&T, regardless of who we start. If we start the 1999 Metros and get three points, I think folks need to stay quiet.

  3. From this draw there are positives. Yes as you put it the team sucked for most of the match, but I think this is a learning experience for the squad. Many teams on the road like that would have thrown in the towel at 2-0 and given up all hope. I think the main problem people have with Bob is how he is not starting Jose.

    Also perhaps FIFA’s world rankings did not help
    USA 17- El Salvador 106
    Brazil 5-Equador 39
    Portugal 10-Sweden 25
    CR 11-Slovenia 59

  4. It was nice to see the fightback at the end. And I was glad it was Frankie getting the last one after that Mexican coach humilliated him in the tunnel after the last match. But let’s admit that El Salvador was amazing at times. That goal after the string of passes was incredible. I think I watched it like 12 times on replay.

  5. Two games = 4 points = 1st place. We’ll be fine people. Remember what happened after we lost 2-1 to costa rica in qualifying for the 2002 world cup???? If my memory serves correct, we went further in that world cup than any other US team has… ever. Bob Bradley will still be the coach on wednesday, and the line upwill most likely be tinkered with.

  6. Wow, are you serious? The problem isn’t about the fact we dropped points, its that we are reminded of the symptoms of a much more serious problem. Here is a clue: When we are drawn into this group:

    * USA
    * Brazil
    * Sweden
    * Czech Republic

    We’ll finish 0-3. Unfortunately that is when US Soccer will finally fire the unimaginative and workman like Bradley.

    Next time, think about what you are saying before jumping into senseless blather.

  7. Nebula is allowed to be creative considering the original analogy had our draw to a semi-pro squad similar to that of sweden’s draw to..get this… Portugal!

    I think what us (moron) fans realize is yes at this rate we will qualify…but it looks like we’ll also go three and out come 2010… THis team may have gotten worse over the last three years!

  8. To show you how much I cared about the result, I got home from the United game, hit play on the DVR, watched about 35 minutes of the US match, the fast forwarded to see what happened.

    It was never going to be a pretty game, and I was really more surprised to Eliseo Quintinilla look somewhat faster than he did with United, than to see the US go down by 2 goals then come back to tie it.

  9. “Senseless blather is making up an imaginary World Cup Group to play in.” LOL
    I knew to avoid the US forums after–aghast–an away tie. I thought that was the formula, to win at home and tie on the road–20 points and we’re easily in. I agree, subpar form last Saturday but the ship isn’t sinking.
    Great article

  10. sweden shouldn’t be our role models and the goal isn’t to qualify its to win the cup. sadly most americans only want to qualify and occasionally beat mexico. They don’t want to be the best and are too weak to make the tough decisions. Bradley should go not because of El Salvador, And he’ll beat T&T and we’ll make the world cup. and probably get a draw in at least one confederations cup game. But in the end we’ll lose in the world cup, we’ll play ching and struggle to score, Donovan will vanish, Dempsey will scuff shots, Beasley will get knocked off the ball. but he should go for not moving the team forward over the last few years and for doing NOTHING of substance that Bruce Arena didn’t do. Win Gold cup, Arena did it, Beat mexico at home, Arena did it, Win qualifying group, Arena did it, lose to big teams Arena did it, play favorites with players that aren’t performing, Arena did it. Slowly creep up the world rankings by beating concacaf opponents. Arena did it. Bradley isn’t the worst in the world he’s just not better. It’s Deja Vu.

  11. Galactico:

    Frankly, our players are not good enough to win a World Cup. It’s not that American fans’ goal isn’t to win the World Cup; it’s just that right now, that is beyond our wildest dreams. All the good American athletes play football and basketball. Check back in 40 years.

  12. Galactico WELL SAID my man!!

    The majority of US soccer fans are, much like MLS fans… they set their sights very very very very LOW!… We could’ve have had klinsmann, now we got a guy who specializes in playing his kin! The way I see it is exactly like Nakamura see’s it:…633019&cc=5901

    Can we all expect more from our country please!

  13. kdiff… check back in 40 years?? Greece won a Euro for fsake!

    And its the one’s critical of the usmnt that are the morons?

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