Can you tell it was an international weekend? MLS fans sure could.

Hmm, let’s see. Three draws, only two matches featuring more than two goals, only one game decided with a late winner, and one game decided with a late-game own goal. Could you tell that most of this league’s best players weren’t out there? I could.

Because of that, it’s hard to say we learned all that much this week. Here’s what I learned:

  • Houston needs to deal for another forward, and soon. Yes, Kamara will be back soon, but I am not sure a team with title aspirations can lean so heavily on the assasins known as Kei Kamara and Chris Wondolowski.
  • Seattle might be actually pretty good and not just “for an expansion team.” They’re going to get the benefit of playing in the weaker West, but that being said, they still look like a playoff team to me. Montero looks like the best player to hit MLS in a long time and Schmid has this group going on one direction. I am not going to read too much into RSL’s night, especially as it was their first match after having to sit out the first week.
  • DC remains not very good. Two matches, two leads blown. Soehn is going to have to answer questions about Crayton not starting because Wicks looks even worse than Wells.

5 thoughts on “Can you tell it was an international weekend? MLS fans sure could.

  1. Soehn has already answered the Crayton question. Crayton lost his spot to Wicks. I’m not sure what everyone is waiting for him to say. He keeps eluding to “good competition” and “doing what he needs to do to get back.” What else do you want to hear?

    Right now, Wicks is our starting Keeper.

    DC did look mildly better this week (and against a better team).

  2. “Could you tell it was an international weekend” “Most of the league’s best players weren’t out there” — oh really?

    Let’s see, who from MLS was missing this weekend due to international duty? Donovan, Kljestan, and Ching, certainly. Also players such as Pablo Mastroeni, Frankie Hejduk, Bakari Soumari, Gonzalo Segarez, but they all play defense, so I’m not sure how their absence hurts scoring.

    Meanwhile, among players NOT missing this weekend for international duty were Kenny Cooper, Fredy Montero, Freddy Ljundberg, Luciano Emilio, Juan Pablo Angel, Schelotto, ‘Temoc Blanco, Chris Rolfe, Duane DeRosario, Justin Mapp, Stuart Holden, Eddie Gaven, Christian Gomez, the Columbus Moreno, the DC Moreno, Arturo Alvarez…

    I’m sure I’m missing guys on both ledgers, but the point remains: hard to complain about all the great players missing from MLS being the reason for the lack of scoring.

  3. There were 18 goals this week, only four off the first week’s total.

    And Seattle wasn’t playing New York, so MLS was bound to lose a bit off the average.

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