For Sounders … It’s 1 of 30

I know, I know, the Sounders punked New York in the season and their franchise opener tonight, winning 3-0. Great job.

I am never sorry to see the Red Bulls lose for a variety of reasons, and I was glad to see Seattle get off to a good start. Great crowd, good atmosphere (I’m OK with the band thing) and some neat finishes made the Red Bulls look bad.

But, consider another question.

How hard is it to make the Red Bulls look bad?

I know, I know, New York made it to the MLS Cup final last year as the “Western” Conference champions. Once there, they were drilled by Columbus in the final. But think farther back to what the Red Bulls really were. They were a medicore team last year that when given a chance to clinch a playoff spot on its own, crapped the bed against the Chicago Fire. They backed in when other teams turned out to be even more medicore than them (I’m looking at you DC United). They were your classic Win, Loss, Tie team in any particular 3-game stretch, save for one homestand where they rocked 9 points and saved themselves.

I don’t want to rain on Seattle’s parade. That’s not the intent. They get full marks for a game well played. Especially in Montero, they have found a bit of quality talent. I just hope the win is kept in the right perspective. It’s exciting to have a new team, and it’s exciting that they won their opener. They will never be more jazzed for a game than they will be for their first season opener – and against a medicore opponent like New York, that and some quality play should add up to a win. But as we go through the season, better teams than they will make the Red Bulls look like donkeys. There’s a long season still to go.

As long as the Red Bulls lack any speed at the back, can’t defend a long ball, and fail to put anyone else in the area when Juan Pablo Angel heads the ball down to try and pass it, then their results aren’t going to change very much from what we saw tonight.

Meanwhile, I’d do just about anything at this point to get the image out of my head of the shots they showed of Drew Carey, who somehow looked older than his “Price is Right” predecessor Bob Barker.


4 thoughts on “For Sounders … It’s 1 of 30

  1. While I would normally caution Sounders fans on their win, I’m not going to do it. For an expansion franchise, the Sounders went out and put together a roster that made since. Then they got the League’s best coach. Their only real questionable signing is Ljungberg, and he wasn’t even shown sitting on the sidelines last night.

    The Western Conference will be weak this year again because of Chivas, Los Angeles, Colorado, and Dallas. Seattle has a very good shot of making it to the playoffs. So, for the team to score three goals in their opener, they should be excited. They seem to be following an example set by Chicago, and not the one set by Chivas, RSL, Toronto, or San Jose.

  2. And then they rectified it by signing Alsonso as his backup. Who in this league even has a backup center mid (that isn’t just playing someone out of position) let alone a decent one?

  3. I don’t think I have seen a game with that kind on crowd noise since the last world cup. Atmosphere to me is more important than the on field product. I hope those guys fill that place like that all season.

  4. I was at the game and I will attest to the fact that nobody here is getting too carried away. We won our opener and we’ll always have that but most of us are well aware that the Bulls were without key players, and that they didn’t start last year too well either.

    For me, Bulls 4-5-1 didn’t work and Osvaldo Alonso was outstanding. He’s not what we call a ‘find’ because we played Charleston in the USL last season and we already knew what he could do. Nevertheless, before kick off, I predicted he would be our key player all season, and I stand by it. I don’t think Ljungberg will displace him Probably Nyassi or Le Toux.

    Anyway, I get to kick back and watch two MLS games tonight and I’m looking forward to running my eye over the competition.

    Thanks for all the kind words about the Sounders. We’re glad to be at the party finally.

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