Ladies and gentlemen, your 2009 NY Red Bulls defense!

Kevin Goldthwaite not pictured, having fallen down on the left

Thoughts at halftime of the Seattle-NY opener:

  • So JC Osorio would do well to introduce his defenders to each other before sending them out there. They looked both slow and disorganized, and really have zero excuses for either goal. Montero’s finish was great, but how on earth does NY leave Seattle’s top scoring threat completely unmarked?
  • It’s a great atmosphere at Qwest Field, though I am still unsure about the marching band playing during the match. I’ll reserve judgment because at least it’s different, and that’s always a good thing.
  • Rob Stone… you’re not funny… still.
  • Full credit to Lalas for coming out and saying what Harkes would only tiptoe around… that New York was “atrocious.”

8 thoughts on “Ladies and gentlemen, your 2009 NY Red Bulls defense!

  1. I don’t mind the marching band now, but I assume it’ll get annoying in games where the stadium isn’t quite as full and the fans aren’t as into it. I mean, you can’t tell me 32,400 fans are going to show up and be raucous for a game against a Kansas City or Chivas in the middle of July or August.


  2. What’s funny is after the Sounders scored their second goal, I said to Dana, “Oh Sh!t, let’s welcome the Red Bulls defense to the league!”

    They’re terrible.

    As for the marching band playing during the game… I like it. It’s unique. It sounds good (unlike some unorganized bunch of drunks with some horns), it sounds better than those damn plastic horns that the league used to give away at games, and it’s something uniquely American. I think as long as the Sounders fans like it, then I’m cool with it.

    Another thought I’ve had at this game is that I already have more jerseys with players on the Sounders than I do for anywhere else other than United. I’ve got an Arsenal Ljungberg jersey and Dana’s got a USMNT Keller jersey. And I’ll gladly were my Ljungberg jersey to support the Sounders when the play the Red Bulls (who look like crap right now).

    On another note, when did MLS teams start playing with the American flag on their sleeves? I like it, but it makes wonder whether Toronto wears the Canadian flag on their sleeves.

  3. There has to be a “Let’s All Laugh At Red Bull New York” thread bustling with posts, if it hasn’t been set up already.

  4. I will gladly laugh at NYRB to my heart’s content. Man, that was good for a laugh tonight. To quote Bill Simmons, they should have just sent Danny Cepero out there to take a dump at midfield and called it a day.

    And I really like the band. Music at a game is always cool, so why not just go ahead and have the band. I’m sure you’d like it if they played “Hail to the Redskins.”

  5. What exactly is a “Benny”? Are you trying to imply that I am a Philly SOB? Because if so, why would I be posting anti-New Jersey comments on a DC United blog? And furthermore, why are you reading this DC United blog? Aren’t there any MetroTard blogs you can go gripe on about your disgrace?

    Then again, I suppose, who would write this alleged blog? Ives is clearly the only NJ fan with an IQ of over 22, so I guess I should be thankful that there isn’t one written by some Jersey trash guido swearing and criticizing everyone else’s team, even when his own team loses.

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