Fox Soccer is your new home of the Champions League

EPL Talk has the news.
I’ve wondered out loud in the past whether FSC could survive if they lost the rights to the Premier League.

It appears now that they could.

Does this now mean that I have to begin preparing for Mike and Mike to host Arsenal-Chelsea in a few years?


16 thoughts on “Fox Soccer is your new home of the Champions League

  1. I am willing to accept this if FSC gets HD, ESPN is the world cup rights away from losing any control of the sport they mock.

    It also proves that ESPN is cocky in their belief that they are the WWL.

  2. That sucks. I’m not paying any more for my cable bill so digital cable is not an option. Goodbye Champions League. Unless Fox is cool and puts games on FX or the Fox terrestrial network or something.

  3. I hope FSC uses FSE as ESPN has used ESPN Deportes with Champions League coverage, showing all the games and offering alternate games to the live ones (mostly) that are shown in the 2:45 time slot.

  4. No question.

    Ditto the thought as well that hopefully Fox will spread this out over their various channels so we’ll see multiple games.

  5. ugg, this sucks if I have to watch FSC’s crappy fuzzy feed that looks like it’s from central american in the 1980’s. Why do they advertise Sylvania HDTV’s if you cant even watch an HD broadcast on FSC?

  6. This is terrible news. Every Fox channel looks so terrible. ESPN broadcasts at least look clean and clear. I also don’t get FSC/FSE, and I absolutely am not paying for them either. Guess I’m stuck watching highlights or internet streams. ESPN is absolutely worthless. WWL in sports, what a joke.

  7. As the hours go by, and no confirmation, even from a Fox Sports press release, I’m beginning to get skeptical.

    The CL is a *huge* reach for a channel that isn’t on basic cable in most places, and the CL Final is moving to Saturday in 2010, meaning that ESPN could have looked forward to an audience of a couple million, which I don’t know how on earth FSC could deliver.

    Meanwhile, with the Euro 2008 ratings, ESPN is getting more and more confident of the power of premier soccer properties to draw. They sure as hell wouldn’t let these rights go cheap, so it amounts to mortgage-the-house gamble for FSC. They could get their highest rating ever and it could still be a colossal commercial flop.

  8. This is still a STINKING RUMOR…THERE IS NO confirmation…IT WILL SUCK TO WATCH CHAMPIONS LEAGUE on FSC. I DON”T KNOW why some on this board thing this good news. Many fans will not be able to watch the games, and many will not pay to upgrade during this stinking Depression. FSC needs to improve its quality before it wants to play with the big boys.

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