Liverpool – Doing its part to keep things fun

Before I get started, let me just get this out there. I think we’re still one more Manchester United loss away from really being able to bring out the CRISIS headlines and discussions.

That said, thank you Liverpool for at least making the top of the Premier League somewhat interesting again. It was one of those classic days where everything went right for one team (a Dossena chip!??!) and everything went horribly wrong for another.

But look below at the two teams’ run-ins, a comeback could happen. The Telegraph thinks it’s all over, I am not so sure.

What do you think?

The Run-ins:

Manchester United
Played: 28
Goal Difference: 33
Points: 65

March 21 Fulham A.
April 5 Aston Villa H.
April 11 Sunderland A.
April 22 Portsmouth H.
April 25 Tottenham H.
May 2 Middlesbrough A.
May 9 Manchester City H.
May 16 Arsenal H.
May 24 Hull A.
TBC Wigan A.

Played: 29
Goal Difference: 28
Points: 61

March 22 Aston Villa H.
April 4 Fulham A.
April 11 Blackburn H.
April 19 Arsenal H.
April 25 Hull A.
May 2 Newcastle H.
May 9 West Ham A.
May 16 WBA A.
May 24 Tottenham H.


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