Wrapping up the weekend

Peace in our sarong-covered time. “L’affaire Beckham” finally comes to a conclusion with what is being described as a “timeshare” arrangement. I dunno if something was lost with the translation, but I am unsure as to why Beckham’s PR people would want him associated with 2 bed, 2 bath duplex in Boca. I actually think that MLS as a league and negotiating entity won this battle, but the Galaxy as an actual soccer-playing team are somewhat hosed. What are they going to do with salary cap space that you know is gone come July? If you’re an LA fan, you can’t be feeling too good right now, can you? Mr. Loney, the eyes of the lonely Galaxy nation turn to you.

Manchester United continues to squeeze the life out the sport in England. I give them full credit for putting together a great team and to Ferguson for clearly being the best manager in England by a long distance, but come on, this is starting to get boring. They strolled past Fulham like they were hardly there. If United can get by Inter this week, I absolutely see them marching to the quintuple. End of story.

Time of first total panic of 2009 by DC United supporters: 7 p.m., 3/7/09. That’s the time most fans began hearing of United’s 3-0, two-sending off, two-injury bludgeoning at the hands of RSL in Charleston. Allow me to speak for the panicked masses. Reports from Carolina say that United looked like a complete and utter mess out there. Certainly it’s early, but another bad start to the regular season is going to make Soehn’s seat very, very hot as folks look for someone to blame.

Can someone remind folks in the Metroplex that they have a professional soccer team in town? Less than 5,000 seats sold for the home opener in Frisco? Wowza. I knew that Dallas wasn’t lighting the world on fire with its attendance numbers, but that is a total utter disgrace. According to Buzz’s report linked above, GM Michael Hitchcock has had ticketing removed from his portfolio of responsibilities. I would think so. But in classic HSG-management style, they correct the mistake once its far too late and now they’re probably still looking an embarrassing opening day gate. HSG’s motto should be “shutting the barn door after the cows have gotten out.”

I share EPL Talk’s taste in beer. I rarely agree with too much EPL Talk says, but if this story is anything to go on, they do have very good taste in beer. Anytime I find a bar with Fullers on tap, I am a very happy man. Most of the time, I just settle for a six pack from the wonderful folks at Total Wine and More (also known as reason #5,432 why Virginia remains better than Maryland).

Soccer fans seem to lead way jumping on World Baseball Classic bandwagon. From my totally anecdotal and incomplete research consisting of talking to my sports fan buddies, it seems that my friends who like both soccer and baseball are getting more into the World Baseball Classic than my friends who only like baseball. I guess it’s safe to say that soccer fans are for more comfortable with the concept of international compeition (and the idea that the USA might lose) than more blinkered baseball fans. Personally, I am loving the tournament. The USA-Canada game was outstanding, Japan looks like world-beaters, we’ve had two genuine upsets already (Holland over the Dominicans, and the Aussies beating Mexico), and Adam Dunn is single-handedly giving Nats fans like me reasons to be optimistic.


8 thoughts on “Wrapping up the weekend

  1. A chain superstore for beer and wine? That’s great. Fits in with the rest of the culture free wasteland that is northern virginia.

  2. I did find myself getting kind of pumped about the WBC. The quotes from Adam Dunn about it being the most exciting game he’d ever played in was pretty cool.

    But nothing on the weekend wrap-up about Spain? For the second week in a row, Atletico Madrid was involved in a thriller. This one ended up 1-1 with R Madrid, but what a game…


  3. It’s a chain, but it’s a very good chain with knowledgeable staff, a good selection, and a willingness to order something if you can demonstrate enough interest.

  4. I have to admit, other than listening to Sid Lowe on the football weekly podcast, I don’t follow Spain all that closely. It’s a great league but even I have a limit of how much sports I can watch over the weekend, and I didn’t watch a minute of La Liga.

  5. Sid Lowe is the man. Well, GolTV often replays games during the week, so I suggest that you catch the Mdrid derby on a replay. Just a great game.

  6. Most good (i.e. with a knowledgeable staff) shops, regardless of size, will order you what you want. There’s a corner wine shop a block from my house that will do that.

    The sheer size of Total Wine & Beverage is pretty impressive though.

  7. Four injuries (Crayton, Quaranta, Fred, and Namoff), not two.

    I’m not too concerned about people saying I’m premature in my worry about the coming season: last year, I was repeatedly told all through April that early season matches don’t matter.

  8. At the rate things are going, it could be a tight race to see who is mathematically eliminated from their sport’s playoffs first, DC United or the Kansas City Royals.

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