CONCACAF spreads the Gold Cup Love

Imagine this place filled with Mexicans…

CONCACAF brings the Gold Cup to, well, nearly everyone.

Here’s the preliminary schedule:
I really like this a lot. This will bring these Gold Cup matches to places they haven’t been before like Columbus, Oakland, etc, while also (hopefully) putting teams in the places where they can draw well and keep the positive momentum this tournament earned two years ago. Once the groups are formed, we’ll know exactly who goes where, but already you can formulate some ideas. That semifinal in the new Dallas stadium will surely involve Mexico. It’s hard to see the games at FIU not involving Haiti. The games here in DC will probably have El Salvador, Guatemala and/or Honduras.

My only question mark is the FieldTurf they’ll be using in Seattle, Miami, Foxboro and Dallas. It’ll be interesting to see what the reaction is to the stuff, especially since it seems to be so varied from venue-to-venue. CONCACAF says Giants Stadium will lay down grass for the final.


4 thoughts on “CONCACAF spreads the Gold Cup Love

  1. That’ll be a good test of that place’s roof and AC system. I suspect it’ll be fine. The D-backs and Astros close the roof on their places in the summer and I can’t remember hearing too many complaints there.

  2. Whoever plays against Canada in Columbus (which will happen, according to the Columbus Dispatch) will have one hell of a home field advantage.

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