Dancing on their poutine-covered graves

How much poutine do you think was thrown against walls last night by angry French-Canadians?

Thank you Santos Laguna! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I cannot think of another underdog run that I’ve disliked more than Montreal’s and Puerto Rico’s and now, thank goodness, it’s over.

Let’s be clear USL-truthers, last night only proved that the USL’s “best” can upchuck on the international stage just as well as any team in MLS. So enough triumphalism, enough strutting around telling folks that “MLS needs us, more than we need them,” and enough behaving seriously like this tournament was merely one small step towards conquering the World Club Championships and “bringing the title to where it’s always belonged – Canada.” Oh, how we heard that now MLS will have no choice but to give Montreal a team, Ottawa a team, Medicine Hat a team, and on and on.

I’ll say this though. Welcome to the club, Impact fans. Few MLS teams haven’t experienced at least one of these heartwrenching meltdowns in international play. In terms of that, welcome to the table. Now just stop behaving like a combination of Little Lord Fauntleroy and Jean Gerard.

To be fair, I give Montreal (and PR) a lot of credit for their perfectly nice run to the quarterfinals. But that’s all it is, a run. Well done, now scoot along. I’ve had quite enough of Bill Gaudette, David Testo, Adam Braz, et al. After all, we’re only a few weeks away from getting to watch the teams that those aforementioned guys weren’t good enough to play for.

For now Montreal fans, try and wipe the tears out of your poutine, try not to focus on the fact that as spring begins in most of North America, you’re stuck with sub-freezing temperatures for much of the next two weeks, and go back to your favorite activities like aggravating the rest of Canada, laughing at Youppi! and defending the indefensible Alex Kovalev.


3 thoughts on “Dancing on their poutine-covered graves

  1. Mexican clubs can’t get lucky forever. (in Santos’ case, you could argue they created their luck, but you get the idea)

  2. Aaron, I’m getting the sense that you’re not overly impressed with the USL’s advancement in the Champions League?

    Here’s my take:

    First. Montreal and Puerto Rico have a much easier qualification tournament to get into the Champions League. Compare their qualifications to, say Charleston Battery.

    + Montreal (round robin with 2 USL teams and 1 MLS team).

    + Puerto Rico (round robin group phase with top 2 teams advancing to an 8 team elimination tournament. Top three qualify for the Champions League.

    + Charleston Battery although the didn’t qualify, they made the finals of the 2008 US Open Cup after beating USASA’s New Stars 3-0, USL 2 Charlotte Eagles 2-1, Houston Dynamo 1-1 (4-3pk), FC Dallas 3-1, and Seattle Sounders 1-1 (4-3pk), just to make it to the final.

    Second: The preliminary round of the Champions League is a crap shoot. You either get a regional minnows like Real Estel

  3. I’m not sure I necessarily buy the “MLS rejects” argument. By that logic, West Ham is better than Liverpool since Mascherano wasn’t good enough for West Ham but plays regularly for Liverpool.

    I don’t think the USL is better than MLS either, but as long as this is a sport, results count and MLS should rightfully be motivated by the success of the USL clubs in the competition.

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