Interesting stuff over at EPLTalk

There’s a great story on EPLTalk about how the Premier League should look to Major League Baseball’s methods in order to promote a more competitive playing field in the Premiership. He suggests that a system of luxury taxes and restricted rights for young players might allow for mid-level, talent-developing clubs like Everton, Aston Villa and formerly West Ham to hold on to their young players longer.

It’s always tempting to immediately compare the Premier League with the NFL, but the author is right, Major League Baseball (another comparatively unrestricted market) is a better venue to look for change. The other interesting thing about this proposal is that it would seem implementable under current labor law (or at least what I understand of them).

I have said for a long time that most European soccer leagues have what appears to be an unsustainable model of big clubs dominating proceedings. I’ve also written how European sports have tended to lag behind US sports in economic and labor innovations. Could Major League Baseball’s current system serve as a model for the Premier League (and others) to improve their competitive and economic balance?


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