Premiership season fading away quietly as Champions League roars back into action

Ollie and the Guardian guys are right, this year’s Premier League season really faded off into tedium.

This is why I am so excited about the Champions League starting back up today. Finally, we get a chance to see something different. Of the four matchups today, one of them is stratospherically good (Man U-Inter), two are intriguing (Arsenal-Roma, Barca-Lyon) and only one really fails to stir the blood (Porto-Atletico).

Knowing Mourinho, I fully expect the United-Inter game to be unwatchable, as Inter will almost surely turn the midfield into something resembling Thermopylae. You won’t be surprised by my prediction for that one.

Meanwhile, stumbling Arsenal should be desparete for a win and/or shutout against Roma, who has lost only once in its last six matches. Desperate or not, no team with a midfield with Ramsey, Diaby, and Denilson should advance by Roma over two legs.

If Barca hadn’t shown signs of struggling recently (melting down against Espanyol, etc.), this series with Lyon would look like a complete walkover, wouldn’t it? Now, this suddenly looks like a pair of matches with a chance to be competitive. Saying that, is it likely that Barcelona just runs circles around Lyon, puts up 3-4 goals and wraps up the result by the hour-mark? Sure it is, I still believe we’re going to have a Barca-Inter final, and as of yet, see no reason yet to bail on that prediction.

Porto-Atletico? Umm, well, who cares. Sorry but neither of these teams will beat whoever they face in the next round.

But on to the important stuff like… predictions.

Atletico 2, Porto 2
Lyon 1, Barcelona 2
Arsenal 1, Roma 3
Inter 0, Man Utd 0


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