Introducing Kwame Bendtner

I have a habit of calling my most disliked players on teams I support “Kwame” in honor of Wizards no. 1 draft pick and utter disgrace Kwame Brown. It’s not a title I bestow lightly. To win it one must show consistent incompetence while also portraying a bad attitude and/or lack of effort. Others who have earned the title include Cristian Guzman (who actually hit his way off it in 2007), Gary Majewski, and “Kwame Emeritus” Jaromir Jagr.

Ladies and gentlemen, bring you the newest member of the Kwame hall of shame.

Nicklas “Kwame” Bendtner


3 thoughts on “Introducing Kwame Bendtner

  1. But Bendtner’s effort isn’t in doubt. I felt awful when the ball went over the bar yesterday. For us, but for him, too.

    Don’t even DARE to throw the former Detroit mayor’s surname into your mix!

  2. It can at least be argued that the effort is there, but we know his attitude is hugely arrogant and entitled.

    Also.. for the record, the “Kwame” moniker has nothing to do w/the Mayor of Detroit. I completely forgot about that connection.

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