Fun with Facebook on a Saturday Night

So … because I didn’t really have much going on tonight, I was home and a bit ago, I was responding to some messages on Facebook.

As all Facebook users are aware, most pages feature a bank of ads on the right side. These have become rather famous recently because for a while, 95.4% of them were goofy-looking Photoshop ads talking about how people spent just $2.99 and got their $12,000 stimulus check from The Obama.

There’s even a group on Facebook now for folks wanting to get rid of the ads, and of late, they haven’t been as obsessive – though I can’t say those events are related.

Anyway, while on Facebook tonight, I came across this ad, which featured a picture of none other than recent US Men’s National Team hero Michael Bradley:

Michael Bradley
Michael Bradley was born in 1987 to father, Zeus, and mother, Mia Hamm. Embarrassed that a baby could ruin her prom, she floated him down the river in a basket from Burke, Virginia to Princeton
3 friends are fans
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This is just what we need. If word gets out that Mia Hamm had anything to do with the creation of Michael Bradley, combined with Bradley’s two-goal performance vs. Mexico … we’re going to end up with a whole new lot of teen hooligans crashing practice, stomping their way to the front row at games, and screaming in high, shrilly voices for 90 minutes, causing local puppies to lose their hearing.

But on the other hand, you have to admire the creativity of the whole thing. It almost makes me wonder who on BigSoccer created it.

And hey, on the bright side … maybe Bradley, Zeus or Mia can get me a $12,000 stimulus check.



6 thoughts on “Fun with Facebook on a Saturday Night

  1. Chuck Norris doesn’t NEED a stimulus check. He’s Chuck freakin’ Norris.

    I’m glad to learn I’m not the only weirdo up at 2 AM, let alone on facebook…

  2. dude, it was the last weekend b4 mardi gras (tomorrow for those of you out of the loop), and you were inside? you shoulda got in a vehicle, found your way to a bar, bought beads, and several hours later thanked god for the wonderful female creature

  3. I’ve been to New Orleans for just a regular weekend and it was crazy enough. I’m not sure how much cooler Mardi Gras would be. Strikes me as it would just be a ton more people.

    If I’m going to be part of a big crowd, I’d rather be at a United game.

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