The good, the bad, and the “Alpine Blue” – Part 2

This was truly our golden era of shirts. I really thought we’d developed a unique USA shirt design that could become our design for the long term. Yes, the replicas had that big hole in the middle that eventually they filled with the crest, but this still is the best shirt any team in North America (pro, amateur, MLS, NASL, etc.) has ever worn.

If ever there was an American soccer “cause” that called out for a fanboy facebook/petition/phone-call/email campaign, it’s this one. Screw single table, screw pro-rel, screw John O’Brien, screw the WPS, we need to get our boys back in our shirts.

Who’s with me?

I’ll have my quick take on our most recent shirts (they almost all stink) later this weekend.


4 thoughts on “The good, the bad, and the “Alpine Blue” – Part 2

  1. In my opinion, the current crest sucks, so I’m with Loney on that one. I’d go back with the simple 1950s version.

    I love the pre-2006 World Cup DTOM jersey, the red one with the diagonal stripe. Personally, I’d like to see the diagonal stripe become the USA trademark look, preferably on a red shirt. That is sharp.

    I’m also OK with any of the jerseys that have the stripe running horizontal through the middle, a la the Dempsey one I own or the ones above.

  2. These are great shirts. I like the ’98 shirts too. Nike really rescued us from the crapshake that was the Adidas ’94 collection.

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