Misplaced pessimism?

Archer and Andrew Jennings make good points when it comes to Jack Warner’s and FIFA’s corruption. No one has ever lost money betting on FIFA to act corruptly.

But I think there are reasons, 10 big ones in fact, why Warner might not be able to get his way quite so simply. If such a thing can possibly exist, I think that corporate power may act as a bit of a counterbalance to Warner’s greed and assumed preference in seeing the World Cup go to Mexico.

Look at those companies in the link above. Do you think they would rather see the World Cup in a market like the USA or like Mexico? Four of the companies listed are American. I can’t help thinking that if the WC is going to go to CONCACAF, those corporate interests would rather see it in the United States. For one, it’s a better hospitality opportunity after spending all that cash to get their logo all over the event.

Finally, I am going to assume that FIFA would always want more sponsors and are always looking to make those kind of deals. Assumption in place, wouldn’t FIFA want to use the tournament to try to attract even more sponsors just like those listed above? If so, where would you rather host it, Mexico with its five Fortune Global 500 companies or the USA with 153 of them?


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