Live from Columbus

I join you from outside Columbus where the weather is starting to look dire. The wind has already picked up and I’ve read reports saying that winds could reach as high as 60 mph. We hope that arrives post-game, but for folks reading this before going to the match, prepare for wet, and thanks to that wind, prepare for the cold too.

I actually think the weather, if wet and blustery, plays into the US’s hands. I think the US has the better target men for the kind of aerial battles that bad weather often creates.

I read (on Wikipedia of all places) that tonight’s ref is Carlos Batres of Guatemala – the same guy who refereed this same fixture four years ago. Eh, it’ll work.

Anyway, I suspect the time for talking is almost up, and the time for drinking is almost here. And now, for what you’ve all been waiting for – the prediction.

Prediction: 1-0, USA. Neither team is going to want to take many chances in this weather but the US will convert a set piece to keep the streak alive.


3 thoughts on “Live from Columbus

  1. I’m not convinced that anyone is going to be winning any aerial game on a night when the winds are going to be gusting into the 60s.

  2. Yeah, I’m actually thinking Mexico’s ground game is probably better than the US’ so it may give them a slight advantage.

  3. I think that Mexico’s futbol arrogance keeps them from beating the US. What worries me is that Sven’s experience around the globe may help Mexico to change their strategy.

    If Mexico were smart, they’d sit back and make the US attack them. They’d then counter quickly, something they’re excellent at, and try to score that way.

    The US is terrible at breaking down opposing defenses. The majority of our goals come from counter attacks. We use our best attributes, speed and athleticism, to make up for our weaknesses, technical skill and strategic thinking.

    If Mexico makes the US play a technical and strategic game, they’ll increase their chances of winning.

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