Gomez deal is finalized… and it might not be that bad… maybe.

So United has finalized its deal with Colorado to bring Christian Gomez back to RFK. In what really does feel like a do-over, DC sends them Ivan Guerrero, the 2nd DP slot, and a 2010 2nd round pick. Behind the Badge is also reporting that United additionally received 23-year old goalkeeper Mike Graczyk, a international roster spot and salary cap considerations.

While it’s being written that Colorado will be picking up a portion of Gomez’s big salary, I need to know how much that really is before declaring this deal merely not awful, or pronouncing it as truly dumb. If Colorado is eating a lot or most of his salary, then it’s a risk United felt it could take but one that won’t bankrupt the club long-term. I don’t mind parting with Guerrero that much either. He was going to be gone with Honduras a lot this summer. Finally, I am not a believer in the theory that a team can do well while carrying two DPs. I just feel it strangles the flexibility that an MLS club requires during the season.

Obviously, the two big questions on Gomez are these:

  1. Does he have anything left in the tank as it stands, or was Colorado justified in benching him?
  2. If he does have anything left in the tank, can the coaching staff work out a way to make it last throughout the season with a minimum of under-performance or flat-out injury?

This move temporarily tapes over one of United’s gaping flaws. Now the front office needs to buckle down and fix this defense. No one can sit here and judge this offseason before seeing what United does with the center of its defense. As it stands now, this probably is not a playoff team. We’ll see if the front office realizes that.


2 thoughts on “Gomez deal is finalized… and it might not be that bad… maybe.

  1. I’m hoping we release Graczyk amd use the International spot to sign a Defender, especially with Roger gone, we have almost no one except Namoff.

  2. When Steve Goff broke the news that Christian Gomez desperately wanted to return to DC my initial reaction was one of over-zealous righteousness. Sorry Christian. You had your chance, but you wanted more money. Now it’s too late. No second chances.

    I had a similar reaction last winter when Santino Quaranta was given an opportunity to earn a spot on the team. I felt as though Santino had burned his bridges and I wanted him to live with the consequences.

    I don’t remember how I felt when Peter Nowak allowed Jaime Moreno to return to United in the winter before the 2004 season, but given how I’ve assessed my reactions to both Christian and Santino, I suspect that I was not in favor of the decisions.

    But thankfully DC United does not operate that way. DC United takes care of it’s players. And what I find most interesting now, is that once United receives it’s former players with open arms, those players seem even more devoted and thankful for being able to wear the shirt.

    Jaime’s return to form led us to an MLS Cup championship, two Supporter Shield wins, and numerous International tournaments.

    Santino’s return to form and commitment to himself has lead to a resurfacing of the thought/hope that he may yet represent the United States in a World Cup–a dream that seemed lost a much too long ago for a 25 year-old kid.

    So, now Christian has been given an opportunity to return. How will he contribute to DC United’s success?

    The elements of the trade seem fair to me. I agree that Designated Player option is a double edge sword. I actually prefer the concept DC United could reward (and thus keep) Luciano Emilio for his goal scoring by increasing his salary into a Designated Player level. I think Columbus was wise to do the same with Scholetto.

    Another aspect of Gomez’s return that I’ve come to turns with is that he address one need the team had with Gallardo’s departure. Gomez is not the answer to the needs that bother me the most (building toward the future and replacing Moreno), but his return does address an immediate need.

    So, in the end, I’m glad that Christian wanted to return, because that says a lot about the club I support.

    I’m glad that DC United is much better than I am at remaining objective and bias free.

    I’m glad that Christian will have the opportunity to pay back the team’s commitment and support like the way the Jaime and Santino have been able to.

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