Gallardo leaves United and what DC should do next

Is it safe to call him the biggest foreign signing bust in the history of United? I think so. Well, he’s gone now. Let’s try and look forward.

First of all, I need to confirm if Gallardo’s salary does in fact come off the books. I have to assume it does, otherwise I can’t see DC’s motivation to dump him this quickly. So, operating under the assumption that DC now has a fair bit of salary space to work with and a DP slot that has re-opened, here’s my point.

The offseason has officially begun for United now. It now has lots of potential ways to go.

  • It could use some of that salary space to spread amongst multiple smaller signings.
  • It could plow that cash straight back into another DP signing.
  • It could hang on to that money until the season starts and see if they can pull a move in the summer window.
  • It could use it as part of a deal to re-acquire Christian Gomez from Colorado.
  • It could simply refuse to spend the money while telling fans that their obvious weaknesses are all part of “their plan.” Oh wait, that’s the Nats.

Here’s what I would do. Before last season, I suggested that United should use the DP on DeMarcus Beasley and give us some width for the first time since back when Ben Olsen’s ankle was unreconstructed.

This season, I have a new but similar solution. DC United needs to go out and find a way to pry Oguchi Onyewu out of Belgium. Whether it be a loan deal or a full-on signing, let’s bring the big man home.

Stick him in the middle of the defense and say you’re going to be our Tony Adams, our Bobby Moore or to put it in a more DC -centric way, our Rod Langway. You’re going to be the anchor of this franchise for as long as you want to be.As a smart, likable, African-American hometown-kid-made-good in DC, you’ll matter in this city. You’ll be minutes from home, in front of fans who adore you and you’ll have a chance to become a well-marketed, well-known star in American soccer.

It this likely? No. But it’s what I would truly like to see.


10 thoughts on “Gallardo leaves United and what DC should do next

  1. I am very likely alone in this view, but Id love to see Adu come back. He’s also a smart, likable, African-American hometown-kid-made-good and he needs to escape a Monaco coach who clearly isn’t ever going to play him under any circumstance. DC needs a #10 and has some cap room.

  2. Adu Idea seems like it could work. A 6-12 month loan would be great for DC, but I think Adu is committed to Europe and sticking it out.

  3. I understand people’s frustration with last season. It was the worst trophy-winning season in United’s history. But why so much hate for Gallardo? He wasn’t the only person injured last season. Just because we expected him to recover earlier than he did isn’t reason enough to justify the abuse he takes on these boards. After all, even Ben Olsen took longer to recover than we expected, but no one is calling him a loser. And if anything, Ben’s got an even worse reputation for injuries than Gallardo.

    Gallardo is going back to the club he loves. He had a bad experience in MLS and apparently never felt at home here. But how can you blame him for that?

    It’s not like DC fans ever really accepted him. When he was signed our initial reactions were: 1) He’s not Veron, and 2) He’s not Gomez. Many of us never accepted him for being Gallardo even when he was playing extremely well in May of last year.

    Then the injury crisis hit. It wasn’t just Gallardo. It was Gallardo, Olsen, Moreno, Fred, Emilio, Peralta, Martinez, McTavish, Mediate.

    And then there was the rediculous number of games played… Champions Cup, league matches, SuperLiga, US Open Cup, Champions League. It’s no wonder everyone got injured during the year. It’s amazing we were still in a playoff race to begin with. Hell… had we won one more league game, the eventual MLS Cup runner-ups wouldn’t have made it to the Championship game.

    But we blame Gallardo because the team paid him a lot of money. It’s crap. And it’s a pathetic attempt to place blame just to ignore the facts.

    So can you blame him for wanting to return home? Is it any different than Moreno asking to return to DC after a bad year with the MetroStars? Or even Quaranta’s return home after a few years in exile? Listen, it is what it is, and hopefully it works out better for both parties this way.

    As for Gomez…

    I really liked Gomez while he was here, but in 2007 he really underperformed. I’m not sure if it was because of the contract negotiation, but it certainly did not go unnoticed. I thought that I would have been more upset than I was when we let him go in 2008, but I wasn’t. And now that we hear that he wants to come back to DC, I’m a little “eh” about it. He’s certainly still an outstanding player, and it won’t take long for him to settle back into the team. But he is 34. And, as far as I know, we’re no where closer to finding replacements for some of our aging leaders. Adding one more worries me a bit. I’d almost rather see Quaranta be given the reigns in midfield than to see United “get back together with the ex-girlfriend just because we had some great times when we were together.” It doesn’t really say we’re moving forward… and that concerns me. A lot.

  4. Come on, Aaron. Gooch isn’t going to leave Belgium for the US. It’s not even worth mentioning. And DP money on a defender doesn’t make sense. You want a player like Ronaldinho who can just wow everyone with his skills. Just hope he doesn’t end up like Denilson…

  5. I agree that getting Gooch is very unlikely. But I disagree that it’s automatically bad value to use a DP on a defender. In almost any sport, you build defense first. As much as you need flash, you need a consistent rock at the back to lead your defense – especially in MLS where your defense is sure to have some younger guys in there seeing minutes.

    I think the belief that the DP has to be a star to sell tix is a myth. If you win, you’ll sell tickets. You win by crafting a solid defense and working from there.

  6. I don’t understand why you didn’t mention Pope when you talk about a solid defender in the back that you base the future of your defense around. Sometime the best analogy is in the history of the team.

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