How do Earthquake fans feel about this?

Hey Earthquake fans, your new shirt sponsor, Amway

All this is offered without comment. I just figured, knowing the politics of the average San Josean, they might want to know.


7 thoughts on “How do Earthquake fans feel about this?

  1. This is great– I’m hearing that if you get 2 friends to buy tickets, you will get a $10 rebate. And if they bring 2 friends you will get another $2

  2. Disgusting. Amway is what’s worst about America. Scams that trap decent, but desperate, people and turn them into con-artists themselves.

  3. So… if you get a friend to buy season tickets, you earn 10 Earthquake Dollar$. If that person convinces two of their friends to buy season tickets, not only do you get the 10 Earthquake Dollar$ from the first person, but you also get an additional 10 Earthquake Dollar$ from each of the new season ticket holders, giving you a total of 30 Earthquake Dollar$.

    As this pattern continues, you’ll continue to earn 10 Earthquake Dollar$ for each new season ticket holder brought in directly or indirectly by you.

    You can use your Earthquake Dollar$ to buy concessions and merchandise at San Jose Earthquake events, or anything available through

    Welcome to the family!

  4. How much did the Gals get from Herbalife?

    I’m thinking of all the Quakes merchandise I’ll never buy if it says Amway.

    Dan’s ongoing graciousness and pity toward anything about the new Quakes kinda says it all. Pity from a Galaxy fan.

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