A Gomez Restoration?

For the past two weeks the MLS rumor mills like MLS en Espanol and others have been full of stories saying DC’s Argentinian bust Marcello Gallardo was on his way back home. I never once believed it. No team, even one elsewhere, would take him, his huge wage demands, and his Mr. Glass-meets-Darren-Anderton-inability to stay healthy. Now for the first time we see a “credible” source say that Gallardo might be on his way out of RFK.

Count me as legitimately surprised that there is interest in the guy. As Goff says, United would love to be rid of the guy. If he were to come out and struggle (or not get out of the trainer’s room) early this season, he would likely take hold of the much-feared “Albright Cup” for the current United player most despised by the home fans. With two-time winner Rod Dyachenko on his way to the USL, the trophy would have wasted little time finding a new owner.

The second part of Goff’s hunch that surprises me a lot less is this thought of a Christian Gomez “restoration.” This is a move that United has perfected over the years as they grab seemingly-finished former players off the scrapheap and try to return them to the level of their former glory. Sometimes it works brilliantly (Jaime Moreno, Santino Quaranta) and other times it doesn’t work so well (Raul Diaz Arce, Roy Lassiter).

I am unsure which column a “restored” Gomez would find himself in. The player who left DC could not play 90 mins, seemed to fade late in the season and appeared only interested in passing to one player (Moreno) for large periods of time. That said, when Gomez was “on,” he was simply amazing to watch. And if there was ever a team stupid and mismanaged enough to leave Gomez on the bench despite having something left in the tank, it’s the Rapids.


6 thoughts on “A Gomez Restoration?

  1. If the Rapids trade Gomez back to DC and pay even a dime of his salary, the net trade will be a DP slot, a 1st round pick, and part of his salary for nothing. I think that would literally be the last straw for me as a Rapids fan.

    If we’re not getting at least the DP slot back, I see no logical reason for the Rapids to give Gomez back to DC. Absolutely no reason.

  2. I’ll spare a whole blog post on this since we’ve now covered it – but the more I think of it, the more I don’t like this idea at all.

    I’m not opposed to getting out from under the wreckage of the Gallardo contract – but I don’t think I want Gomez in that spot. All he is is older than he was when he left.

    And if United thinks that the attack is going to work this season with Gomez and Moreno as two of the key cogs, I think they are going to find their goal account bankrupt come the dog days of August – barring some resurgence to 20-goal form by Emilio, which I don’t think is happening.

    It would be a shame in a sense, because I was actually encouraged by what the club did in the draft – I really was.

  3. I really hope that Gomez does not return to DC United. I liked Gomez a lot while he was here. But when he demanded a 2-year guaranteed $500K contract, my opinion of him plummeted. I thought he was still a great player, but at his age to demand THAT in THIS league is offensive.

    Once he fell out of favor (or shape) in Colorado, I assumed all of the “We want Christian back!” whining from some DC fans would subside, but it hasn’t.

    I don’t understand why there is so much attachment to Christian Gomez. It can not be healthy (from an organizations point of view) to continue to return to the past.

    If we’re giving up Gallardo, fine. I like him a lot, but I understand his downside… but don’t pick up Gomez! Spend all your time and resources finding Jaime Moreno’s replacement.

    I worries me that we’ve been relying so heavily on players like Moreno and Olsen at this point in their career. Do we have no one under the age of 29 that we can put our faith in to represent DC United?

  4. It’s a pretty awful situation for Rapids fans. Their team gave away the farm for nothing. But if Gomez shows up again in Washington, it’ll be even worse for DC fans. Kind of like when your hot new girlfriend drops you and you have to go back to your wife.

  5. Sal, our “hot new girlfriend” is indeed hot, but she always seems to have a headache. We love looking at her but we’re looking for someone we can get some action from.

  6. Um, Sal, how exactly would it be “worse” for DC fans? DC would get back a player they supposedly wanted, get to keep the DP slot they took from us, get to keep the first-round draft pick they took from us, and possibly get paid by us for having Gomez. All of that likely in exchange for a 37th round supplemental draft in 2022 that’s conditional on whether the Mayan calendar’s prophecies come true.

    So, again, how is that worse for DC fans?

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